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Sunflowers - Chapter 15

Can you believe that we are to chapter 15? Amazing!!! Tomorrow 'That Green Gentleman' premieres on sure to check that out! Don't forget unofficial FBR day on May 5th!!! Also I decided what i'm going to give Brendon when i meet him at the concert...ready for this...are you sure? well enjoy the story first!!!
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing too serious. But Brendon was broad sided by a car.” He never made it home?!
“Where is he?”
“We’re at the hospital in the emergency room. The ambulance pulled up about 15mins ago.”
“I’ll be right over.”
“See you then.” I hung up the phone and started to cry.
“Lys what’s wrong?” Amanda came to my aid.
“Brendon is in the hospital. Must go see him. Now.” I grabbed my keys and purse, my eyes blurry with the tears streaking down my face.
“You’re in no condition to drive.” she took the keys out of my hands and walked to my car. I stood on the porch staring at her. “You coming?” I nodded and got in the passengers seat. We arrived at the hospital 20mins later. Spencer gave me the biggest hug. I saw Ryan comfort Amanda.
“You want to go back and see him?” I nodded yes. Spencer took me back into the emergency room. It was all the way in the back. Room 23. I saw Jon sitting there and a laughing Brendon.
“Lys why the teary eyes?” he asked me.
“Your in the hospital.” I replied.
“It’s only a few scratches.”
“A few scratches?!” I exclaimed. “There has to be more! Or else you wouldn’t be here.” he beckoned me to hug him.
“Ssshh, there’s no reason to cry. Not over me. Please.” I tried to stop. Then the doctor came in. He explained that he suffered a mild concussion and that they wanted to monitor him over night. He should be fine to leave tomorrow. “See I told you there was no reason to worry. I’m fine.” he kissed my cheek. We waited with him until he received a room. 5648. Spencer, Jon, Ryan, Amanda, and I stopped at the cafĂ© before we headed to his room. And we still beat him. They rolled him in 5 minutes later. One by one did every one leave. Until it was just me and him.
“If I could stay the night I would.” I told him.
“Nah, I cannot allow that. You have your big day tomorrow.” he smiled. “You should go and get some rest. You want to look fresh.” I nodded. He kissed me. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.” I kissed him again. “I’ll stop over on my way home from work.”
He nodded and I left. Amanda had left with Ryan and the fellows so it was just me and my trailblazer. When I arrived home it was 10. I ate a bowl of cereal and then changed into my pjs. It was 11 before my head rested on the pillow and I fell asleep.

I awoke to my phone vibrating. It was only way for me to hear an alarm. I disabled it and rolled out of bed. As I jumped in the shower I wondered how Brendon was doing. What was he thinking about? Me? I’m thinking of him. Well I can’t stop thinking about him! He was on my mind when I went to bed and when I woke up. Even in the shower - Lys, don’t think about it! I finished up in there and finished getting ready. I blew dry my hair and straightened it. I rummaged through my closet on what to wear. My grandmother’s voice boomed in my ear. “You should get your clothes ready the night before so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning.” I know, I know. I should have done that. But I was too worried about Brendon last night. “Excuses, excuses.” she’ll say. I decided on a nice black dress pant suit with a deep purple top for the first day attire. I look good! I did my make up, grabbed a nutrient-grain bar before heading out the door. I arrived 15mins early. This was to allow myself to become familiarized with the work place. I rode the elevator to the 15th story. I was directed to the chairmen’s office immediately. I opened the great wooden doors and half expected to see Jared sitting in the chair. It was not, however, but his father.
“Welcome, Ms. Trunzo.” he stood up and rounded his desk to shake my hand. Jared looks exactly like him. Definitely can tell were his good looks come from.
“Thank you, sir.” I shook his hand.
“Please, let me show you to your office.” he led me out of his office and toward the right. We passed the elevator and the front desk. He opened another door and it was like there was a whole new world. There were tons of little cubicles. People were popping their heads above to get a good look at the new girl - me! Mr. Ebbs took me to a cubicle that was near a window and in the middle of the room.
“There you go. Your first project is listed in the email. There is a staff meeting at 10:30. I will see you then.
“Thank you Mr. Ebbs.” he walked away swiftly back to his office. I sat down at my desk and logged on to the account. My first project was to promote this band. And guess who it was? You guessed it, Panic! At The Disco. But not just them the Decaydance label. What a coincidence? I started to get to work and didn’t glance at the clock until it read 10:15. Then I realized he didn’t tell me where the staff meeting was! Oh great! I stood up and glanced over the side of the cubicle. “Excuse me.” the women looked up. “Where is the staff meeting?”
“You must be the new girl.” she replied with a thick southern accent. “I’m Maggie Jackson.
“Alyssa Trunzo, please to meet you.”
“I’ll take you to the meeting just let me finish up here.” I saved my work as Maggie worked on the last bit of her project. “ So where are you from?”
“I’m from Pittsburgh but live in LA now.”
“Nice. I’m from Virginia.”
“I have relatives there.” we chatted as we walked up to the 16th floor. We walked into the conference room and my eyes immediately fell on Jared. He noticed me as well and walked up to greet me.
“Lyssa.” he hugged me. “How are you?”
“I’m well and yourself?”
“I’m fine. Hey we’ll chat after the meeting.” he walked back up the front of the room while Maggie and I sat down in the nearest seats.
“How do you know him?”
“He’s my boyfriend’s cousin.” I explained. The meeting started and I was introduced as the new girl. Applause for me! The meeting was done in no time. And it was lunch.
“You want to eat lunch with me?” Jared approached me like he said he would.
“Sure.” I followed him in to the break room.
“How’s work so far?” he asked me as he pulled lunch out of the fridge. Then he proceeded to sit at the table. I forgot to bring a lunch so I just sat down and started to chat with him. We had a lot of things in common. No wonder Brendon and him get along so well! “I should be heading back. Nice talking with you.” he told me and left to go back to his office.
“Same to you.” I headed back to my cubicle and finished up the day. “Bye Maggie, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Oh hey wait. Tomorrow is Tuesday and we usually get pizza. So if you want you can bring some money. “
“Ok thank you, I will.”
“See you then.” I nodded and traveled to the hospital. I missed my baby! I hope everything went smoothly, with the tests and all. I parked my car and traveled to his floor but entered his room, he was no where to be found. Must be in the bathroom. I checked his bathroom but there was no sign of him or life. I decided to ask a nurse. He might be at a test.
“Excuse me can you tell me what happened to Mr. Brendon Urie in room 5648?”
“He was discharged around 3, that’s all that I can give ma’am.” the young lady told me.
“Thank you.” She nodded and I walked away. Damn those boys for not calling me! Now I’ve wasted a trip out here! GRR to them! Since Brendon was ‘home’ I decided to go to my house and change out these work clothes. I pulled up, the house seemed quite. I looked at the time on my phone 5:55, hmm people should be home. As I unlocked the door and swung it open, I realized it was pitch black. I guess there is no home. I flicked on the lights.

See he's not injured that bad, but where could he have gone? stay tuned!!!

i'm sure you're ready for my idea now right? Right! I'm going to write brendon a songfic're asking yourself what a songfic fanfic is right? well i'll tell you! A songfic is when you write a story to lyrics...and you know what a fanfic is (example above!) So the lyrics I'm going to use are all Beatles lyrics...pretty stoked to get writing! Maybe I'll post that when it's done!

That's it for now!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Good Luck with finals and have a great summer!!!


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