Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 6

Hey hey ppl. Panic is currently doing their tour in the UK now and you've gotta love those guys. They took videos and rip the sound into an mp3. They did that we 3 of their new songs! But I'm going to post one of them for your listening enjoyment. It's going to be their next single after the album is released called 'That Green Gentlemen.' As you listen to that you can read the next of my story! Hope you like it!
“Can I come over and talk with you?” he asked before we said hello.
“I guess.” Kay’s on her luncheon with Jon. Amanda is out practicing her make- up skills while Kristan was at work. “No one’s here but me.”
“That’s alright. I’ll be right there.” he hung up and 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. I took a deep breathe before answering. He kissed me before I could shut the door. “What was that all about earlier?”
“Don’t you remember the question you asked me earlier on the phone?” he nodded and I took another breathe. “Brendon I like you. You were the first one out of the four of yinz that I was attracted to. Spencer is such a sweet guy and I had a marvelous time with him but I don’t think I feel the same way about him as he does to me.” without another word, he kissed me again. This time, I kissed back. It was another breathtaking kiss.
“Alyssa, will you be my girlfriend.” I haven’t had a boyfriend since I moved out here. It’s a dream come true.
“Yes of course I will be your girlfriend, if you’ll be my boyfriend.” I giggled.
“I’ll be that and your prince charming if you’ll be my princess.”
“I’ll be your princess. Just come and rescue me my knight in shining armor.” and I squeezed out of his grip and raced up the stairs to my bedroom. He caught up with me at the top of the stairs and scooped me up in his arms.
“Which one’s yours?” I pointed the door with the A’s on it. Then to one with a bear with a top hat. “Cute!.” We started making out. He was a fantastic kisser. Just then the door open and close. Footsteps were heard along with laughter and more running up the stairs. They didn’t come in here so it must be Kayla and Jon back from their luncheon. “That sounds like Jon.”
“It is. Along with Kayla. They had a luncheon today.”
“He did mention that after he blew up in my face for taking ‘his girl’ out.” I laughed. “I don’t see what the big deal was, she didn’t even like me.”
“It’s not that she didn’t like you,…” I trailed off. “It’s my same situation. I like Spencer and went out with him but I like you more. Kay likes you but likes Jon more. Do you understand?” he nodded and pulled me near. We kissed again before he remembered he had radio interview to do with the boys and invited me along. That would be exciting. I went to bother Kay. “Bother!” I screamed into her room. Her and Jon were just kissing. “Chica, you going to the radio station tonight with them before the movie?” she looked at me quizzical.
“No, I wasn’t invited.” she glanced at Jon.
“I didn’t know we were allowed to bring dates, but if you’re going, do you want to come then?” Kay beamed!
“I’d love to.”
“Great it starts at 3.” I looked at the clock on the wall, I have an hour and half to get ready.
“Brendon, sweetie.” I left Kay’s room for my own. “I need to change.”
“But you’re so sexy when you’re all professional.” My cheeks along with my ears turned bright red.
“Thank you but I need to change into something comfortable.” I kicked him out of my room. As I closed the door but heard Jon say.
“You get kicked out too?” I just laughed at myself and rummaged through my closet on what sexy yet comfy out fit to wear. 5 secs later was I being pulled across the top of the stairs into Kay’s room to help her with an outfit.
“Wear that yellow tank top with that jean mini skirt.” she looked at me.
“I know you’re not fond of skirts but just try it for Jon and the girls tonight!”
“Alright, for you and Jon.” I smiled and ran across the hall to continue changing myself. I decided on a mini jean skirt as well with a teal tank top and white flip flops that has blue sequence along the tongs. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and put on some makeup. Kay and I walked out the exact same time.
“You look cute!” she told me.
“You too!” I laughed back and we walked down the stairs to our awaiting boys. Their mouths dropped.
“Did you two plan this?” asked Jon and I nodded no. “Oh well it looks cute.”
“Thanks.” replied Kayla.
“What car do we plan on taking?” my boyfriend asked.
“Well I was just going to take my car. Since Kay and I need to go out afterward.”
“For Diva night.” Jon gave Brendon a quizzical look then glanced at Kayla.
“He’s right.” she started to explain. “Kristan, Amanda, Lys and I along with a couple other friends catch up with each other every Thursday night.”
“That’s cool.” replied Jon. “I like my downtime right now.”
“That’s for sure.” agreed Brendon. Jon and Brendon went into there own cars while Kay and I stepped into mine.
“Can we listen to Panic!?” she asked me.
“Why so you can hear Jon’s non existence voice?” I joked with her. She didn’t find it too funny. “Sorry.” she replied with singing the songs. I didn’t know she knew them. Hmm… we arrived 5 mins before the boys and discovered Amanda and Ryan were there along with Spencer. He came right over and kissed me. I didn’t stop him because it felt so nice but I need to tell him about Brendon and I.
“Hi.” I whispered and he pulled me away to around the side of the building. He just kissed me again. Why can’t I back away? I need to tell him. “Spencer, we need to talk.”
“Be my girlfriend?” Oh God. This is not what I had planned.
Hmmm...what's Lys going to say? Stay tuned next week to find out!!! I hope you liked 'That Green Gentlemen.' It is live so that's why the quality isn't the best but it works!!! Have a great weekend!!! Don't party too hard!!! And wish me luck on my license test later today! Cya!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nothing Rhymes With Circus

Hey kids! News is slow this week!!! But I'm on spring break!!! Yay for moi!!! Since I have spare time I thought I'd share the adventure of the last time I saw Panic at the Disco! It was Nov 19th 2006, the day before my 19th bday in Philadelphia, Pa. Dawn(Kayla's mom), Kayla, Amanda, Vincent, and I drove out on sunday and came back monday. Here's what all I recall.

November 17th, 2006
I was so excited to go. I went to class then got picked up only to be dropped off at Kay's later that night. As the night grew on Kayla, Vincent and I decided to take a little walk thinking the fresh air would make us tired. Well that didn't so we decided to clean and pack the van. This brought us to about 5 in the morning. We were suppose to leave in about an hour, so we just said let's just stay up! And we did. About 6:15 Vincent and I were going over the directions and Kay was in the living room doing something. I said. "Turn slight left onto Liberty Way." All you hear from Kay is "You're a f**ckinzg gay?" Then she was laughing over that for 15 mins. Being sleep deprived was taking a toll on all of us. But they could sleep on the way, I couldn't

November 18th, 2008
Let's count...I was up for almost 24 hrs by the time we hit the turnpike. Along the way I was introduced to AWAKE tea at Starbucks and boy did it keep me awake for the rest of the navigation. Vincent, about half there, looked out his window and said, "The cows are sitting. It's going to rain." We never heard that saying and made fun of him to this day. Needless to say it didn't rain. So we arrive in philly around 1 in the afternoon and get stuck in traffic. We made it to the hotel alright, checked in and freshened up before getting dinner at Melrose. It's a block long diner that was featured on the Pennsylvania Diner show(one of those QED tapes) and that's how I became aware of it. I also fell in love with the jingle. "Everybody who knows goes to Melrose. Everybody who knows goes to Melrose. Everybody who knows goes to the Melrose diner restaurant for the most in quality."

After we ate there we decided to explore the city a bit. We found ourselves at the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. They were closed but we soon found a horse and buggy ride to take around the city. It was gorgeous. We also found things in the movie National Treasure but we'd explore those more tomorrow. By the time the time my head hit the pillow was up for 32 hours. And I will never do that again! I was such a bitch no one wanted to be around me. But at least they are still loved me understood why I was, lol.

November 19th, 2006
Day 2!!! What an eventful day did we have planned. Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Art Museum, Hard Rock Cafe, and the Panic concert! Woot! Let's start with Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. It was great being in the same as Nicholas Cage, Justin Bartha and Diane Kruger.
That's the sidewalk that Nicholas Cage ran down after visiting Independence Hall. Being fans, we had to do the same. Only difference was that gravity got the best of Amanda's phone. It fell out of her pocket and broke in two on the ground.

Amanda's phone!
Dawn and her ale, yes ale, from the Tavern!
In front of Philadelphia's Art Museum - yes i did the 'Rocky'.
The skyline and me with whipped cream up my nose at the Hard Rock Cafe thanks to Dawn. After that shindig we raced back to hotel to change into our concert clothes. Amanda did our make up to resemble Ryan Ross's but with her own style and twist. She got hit on even before the concert began.

We arrived in time to see The Plain White T's. I remember running through the crowd while these fellows were playing. It was there song "You and Me." But the hit song you may recall is "Hey There Delilah." And their new single is "Our Time Now." There whole set was energetic and a lot of fun to dance along with it. After their set. We called Kay and Vincent who were in the balcony bc we weren't able to get tickets together. Amanda and I were on the floor. It was great! Anyway, the a guy behind us actually got infront of me while I was turned around waving at them. I was sooo upset. Being short isn't the greatest advantage of attending a concert.
Jack's Mannequin. I loved how one of the guitarist came on stage already drunk and brought along his bottle. That set a great example for the younger audience let me tell you. They were great. The lead singer actually video taped the audience at one point in time. I think he had us do the wave or something. But a few of there songs are "La La Lie" "Dark Blue" and "Kill the Messenger".

Now the moment you've all been waiting for...Panic At The Disco!!!!!!
I filmed the beginning of the show on Dawn's camera...hmm maybe i should post it. I think I will.

During two parts of the show did Brendon have a narrative and it mentioned skipping through fields of sunflowers(where the name of my story comes from) with your love. That led into their popular song 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies.' Another talked about giving your true love a kiss and Brendon leaned into give Ryan one the crowd went wild! It was insane. Then, halfway through the show they came out as a drumline, words cannot describe how amazing it was! i must show you!!!!

Brendon can sing, he can play the guitar, piano, and drums, and he can DANCE!!!! This is during a musical break in "There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Figured It Out Yet."

Panic also performed two cover songs, 'Eleanor Rigby' by the Beatles and 'Killer Queen' by Queen which I happened to record for your enjoyment.

We stood by those tour busses in the cold for nearly a half hour just to see if we could catch of glimpse of Spener, Ryan, Brendon or Jon. but no luck. we did see their dancers and other tourmates. This is also were I learned the real words to Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life.' Because we were singing songs to pass the time. After we warmed up we headed to Denny's. It's been tradition that after every concert we ate at a Denny's. So we did.
November 20th, 2006
Happy 19th birthday to me!!! I was sung to in Denny's at 12:06. In the morning we woke up to get some Philly cheesesteaks and boy were they delicious! The same place happened to be the same market Abagail and Riley ran through in National Treasure. It found out that place by accident. During the long car ride home I started working on Sunflowers...yes the story i'm sharing with you is over a year old!!! After that we all went to eat dinner at my gramma's. She made my favorite dinner! Breaded chicken with mash potatoes, green beans, and applesauce! Then it was cake and present time! Woot!
Amanda and I with Spiderman Ryan and Panic's deluxe box(it should have won it's grammy!)
All in all this was amazing trip! Alot of great memories were made that will never be forgotten. I hope that Columbus will be even better!!! Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane and keep an eye out for the next chapter of Sunflowers.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 5

Quick news about Panic. I recieved an email today that they are putting on a private showing in NYC this weekend for the fan club members. You have to be 18 yrs or older and have gov't id. They are video tapeing so you need a release form too. I RSVP'd to the email and now am waiting for a reply. My roommate and I may go up sat and come back sunday. this should be a great kick off for spring break!!! woot!! Onto my story. I hope you've enjoyed it thus far! I know I love writing it!
“Excuse me.” he said.
“It’s my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was heading.”
“Entirely my fault, can I take you out for coffee?” he smiled at me.
“Sure I guess. But I have to go to an interview, right now.” I told him.
“That’s not a problem. I’ll meet you here at 11? By the way I am Jared.”
“Alyssa. And 11 sounds fine.” He swiftly walked away and I made my way to the front desk. “Hi my name is Alyssa Trunzo and I’m here for an interview with Mr. Ebbs.” the sectary looked through her computer.
“Alright, Ms. Trunzo if you turn around and walk through those doors. I’ll inform him you are coming.”
“Thank you.” I turned around and took a deep breathe, gripping my portfolio and purse as I made my way. It felt like an eternity to reach the double wooden doors. I smoothed out my purple skirt. Tugged my matching suit jacket down before opening the doors. I noticed Jared sitting behind the desk.
“Your Mr. Ebbs?” I asked walking in the room. He nodded.
“Please close the door and have a seat.” Shit I just blew my first impression with him. “To be honest with you. I’m just filling in for my father. He’s on a cruise with my mother.” Oh good. I’m going out with the boss’s son. Way to go Lys! “I hope that’s alright with you.”
“That’s fine.”
“Shall we begin?” I nodded and handed him my portfolio. He skimmed through it. “I see you graduated from St. Vincent College with a major in communications and a minor in martketing. That’s good. I see you know French Chinese, and a little bit of Italian and Hungarian. You are well rounded in sports and music. What instrument do you play?”
“The drums.” he seemed impressed.
“Do you have a love for music?”
“Oh yes, sir. Music is my life. I eat, breathe, and live music.”
“What’s your favorite genre?”
“I listen to it all, but I love punk and alternative like Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects.” “Both very good bands. So you can promote any music that we throw your way. Appeal to a specific age group.”
“Yes, I can. I’ve traveled and have performed mock trials.”
“All very good.” He continued to look through the resume. “I think I can say on behalf of my father and the rest of the company, that we would love to have you on board.” I beamed.
“Thank you so much!” I shook his head.
“Your welcome, how bout that coffee?” he asked.
“Sounds great.” Jared handed me my portfolio back and opened the door for me.
“Why thank you.” We ended up at the Panera’s right across the street. “ I could definitely get used to this.” I laughed “ I love Panera’s. It was my first job when I was 16.”
“How nice.” He smiled. Then I looked out the window and saw Brendon standing there. What the hell was he doing? Stalking me? He walked across the street and headed into the shop. Yea I think he was stalking me, he’s heading toward my table. Great just great!
“Hey Jared.” he shook his hand.
“Little couz.” exclaimed Jared. Ok then he wasn’t stalking me, good.
“You two know each other?”
“First Spencer and now my cousin? I thought you said you had an interview?” he spilled.
“I did. He gave the interview and then invited me out for coffee.” I don’t know what came over me but I just got up and kissed Brendon on the lips. “ That’s the answer to your question before.” I gathered my belongings while a speechless Brendon and a shocked Jared stood there. “Thank you, Jared for inviting me for coffee. I shall see you on Monday correct?” He nodded and I left for home. I couldn’t wait to tell the girls tonight that I got a real job! I did remember to stop and buy milk for Kay. We go through so much milk it’s crazy! When I arrived home I checked my phone to discover I had four missed calls…all from a particular boy. You guessed it- Brendon. I decided to call him back.
Hmm...wonder what Brenny has to say that he called Lys four times! And what a conwinkydink that Lys is working for his Uncle. This is getting good! Hope yinz all have an amazing week and spring break for those going on it! Be safe and talk to you l8r!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mad as Rabbits

Hey everyone! First I wanted to do a little OT and wish my roommate a Happy 20th Birthday! She's an amazing person and I love her! Back to Panic! I was scrolling through livejournal and came across an article. Thought I would share. Enjoy! reviews

Panic At The Disco's new album - your track-by-track guide

We've had a listen to 'Pretty. Odd' at Abbey Road Studios in London, where the band recorded the strings.

It's due out in March, but here's our sneak preview.NB: These song titles are subject to change.

1) 'We're So Starving'
A knowingly tongue-in-cheek introduction to the album – "We were busy writing songs for you… You don't have to worry/We're still the same!" sings frontman Brendon Urie –but, what with the Queen-esque multi-tracked vocals and bombastic backing track, one that sets the tone for what's to come all the same…

2) '9 In The Afternoon'
Which is, essentially, 'Sgt. Pepper' had The Beatles taken a Magical Mystery Tour to the Bellagio Casino on Vegas' strip. This first single features clanking bells, fairground horns, lush orchestration, joyous handclaps and a vaguely lysergic lyric ("Nine in the afternoon / Your eyes are the size of the moon"). Moping emo rock this ain't.

3) 'She's A Handsome Woman'
The Beatles' references take a detour into 'Revolver' territory as Ryan Ross embellishes a tight-but-disarmingly off-kilter rhythm with George Harrison-esque guitar stabs and squeals.

4) 'Do You Know What I'm Seeing'
Idyllic birdsong, lilting, folky guitar lines and a nursery rhyme melody herald yet another stylistic curveball, as Panic come over all early-Pink Floyd and embrace eccentric English psych-pop. Yet another killer chorus is ushered in by swooning strings, rich vocal harmonies and a faintly nonsensical lyric: "I never gave a damn about the weather/But it never gave a damn about me". You can't but admire Panic's ambition.

5) 'The Green Gentleman'
God knows what the budget was for 'Pretty. Odd', but if it cost anything less than a million dollars to record, then the band have done well, because it certainly sounds it. This one sounds HUGE, as though Disney had decided to re-record 'High School Musical' with The Polyphonic Spree. Only infinitely better than that sounds.

6) 'I Have Friends In Holy Spaces'
Another shift of gears, as Panic adopt the personae of an old Mississippi river boat band, complete with banjo, clarinet and authentic scratchy period sound. The lyric, however, appears to be bang up to date, Urie seemingly struggling with the affects of fame: "You remind me of a few of my famous friends/Well, that all depends on what you qualify as 'friends'".

7) 'Northern Downpour'
Noticeably more traditional in structure that what's gone before, 'Northern Downpour' borrows heavily from classic American AOR bands - think The Feeling, but with the plastic veneer replaced with warmth and soul. Urie's surprisingly soulful vocals carry the tune to its gradual yet joyous crescendo.

8) 'When The Day Met The Night'
Given the all-encompassing nature of this album, it was surely only a matter of time before Panic dabbled in eastern-tinged melodies. What is surprising, however, is the way in which they subvert your expectation - again - by shoe-horning in another show-stopping showtune-esque chorus. Brilliant.

9) 'Pas De Cheval'
Arguably the most conventional song on the album, 'Pas De Cheval' starts with a cheeky nod to Neil Diamond's' 'I'm A Believer' before building to a chorus carved from '70s American FM rock radio. Will surely rule the airwaves if released as a summer single in the States.

10) 'The Piano Knows Something I Don't'
And then we're back on familiar ground as Panic plunge headlong into Beatles' territory for a bombastic '…Mr Kite' style collage of bells, brass and woodwind instruments, before slamming on the brakes for a psychedelic pastoral breakdown, complete with woodland sounds and lush vocal harmonies. Even on an album positively preoccupied with variations in pace and arrangements, this song stands out.

11) 'Behind The Sea'
And so the Panic TARDIS touches down in Haight Ashbury at the height of the Summer Of Love for a late-night love-in (and, indeed, Love-in – the spirit of Arthur Lee is much in evidence here). Panic's musical ADD soon kicks in, though, and with a 'Whooaah!' we're swept off into a Danny Elfman-inspired fantasy land for the song's second half.

12) 'Folken' Around'
Surely they're taking the piss now… A fiddle-inspired back porch country reel? Amazingly, it doesn't sound shit, either.

13) 'She Had The World'
Just when you thought there wasn't' a genre of music left for Panic to appropriate, they wheel out a harpsichord for a spot of stately chamber music (albeit more Muse than Mozart). Once again, the lyric is quite deftly juxtaposed with the music, Brendan singing a variation on the classic 'it's not you, it's me' get out clause: "I don't love you/I'm just passing the time/You could love me/If I learned how to lie/But who could love me?/I'm out of my mind".

14) 'From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins'
You can't help but wonder what Panic's established fan base will make of their heroes' musical excursions. As evocative as this deceptively dark whirlwind of Dickensian strings and olde worlde ambience is, it's been some time since we last heard a guitar…

15) 'Mad As Rabbits'
Phew – here's one, now. Admittedly it's playing a tight-as-you-like '70s style funk motif, but there you go. The song eventually settles into another slice of classic Americana, albeit one peppered with a lyric about a "poor son of a chimney sweep" whose "arms were the branches of Christmas trees". There's just time for some more horn stabs, and another belter of a chorus, and then that's it.

If that all sounds like an astonishingly ambitious but potentially confusing rag bag of moods, genres and styles, then that's probably because it is. 'Pretty. Odd' will undoubtedly surprise and piss off Panic fans and haters alike, but it'll take plenty more playing to determine whether it's actually any good…
source: patdonline.

Also, two extra songs are floating around somewhere on the cutting room floor. One is 'Sushi in a Tuxedo, In a Clams Casino' and the other is 'Snooze Me, Ms. Britches.' Maybe we'll see them on a B side. Hopefully they will not go to waste.

35 days remain until the new album comes out! 88 days til the Columbus concert! I'm really excited. I've made a goal. I'm going to try to finish Sunflowers so I can give the story to the guys if I meet them!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the new album! I'll be back for another update with my story on thurs...can you wait til then? I know I can, lol. Take care!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 4

Guess who's going to see Panic VIP style??? Me!!!! And my two best friends!!!! I bought our tickets at 5:05 on Tues!!! I'm so excited!!! I hope you all enjoyed 'Nine in the Afternoon' video!!! And that you enjoy this next chapter!!!


“Can we go around the block?” He nodded and drove slowly around the block. They were gone the next time we stopped. Spencer got out and opened the door for me and walked me to the front door. “I had an awesome time.”

“As did I.”

“Thank you for everything.”

“Your welcome.” he leaned in to kiss me. And I leaned back and kissed him. He pulled me close by wrapping his arms around my lower back. I deepened the kiss and frenched him. We didn’t part for awhile. And he left me breathless.

“Thank you again.”

“Your welcome. I’ll call you.” I watched him walk away and get into his car before opening the door to the house. I saw Amanda sitting on the couch talking to Kayla. Kristan was in the chair eating a bowl of something. Amanda turned to me.

“Hey how was your date?”

“Great! I loved it. Spencer is such a gentlemen. How was yinz?” You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh but you can’t take the Pittsburgh out of the girl.

“Ryan is so sweet! He’s better than I imagined.” Aww that’s cute!

“Mine wasn’t that great.”

“Brendon not that exciting?” Amanda and I laughed.

“Not really, all he wanted to know was about you, Lys. Like he wondered what you and Spencer were doing and such. A real bore. Not that I don’t love you but it’s he asked me out and I got this feeling he was just doing it to get back at you.”

“Funny, Spencer said the same thing. I was wondering about it when I first got into the car but after that my mind and attention was on Spencer. I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

“It’s ok. Not your fault. Besides I’ve got a luncheon with Jon tomorrow.”

“There’s your man!” Amanda told her. We all just laughed.

“So how was work?” I asked Kristan.

“Interesting. We started a case that deals with twins.”

“That does sound interesting.”

“Yep well I’m heading off to bed. What movie are we seeing tomorrow?” she asked. I glanced at Amanda. I know she wanted to see Happy Feet.

“Happy Feet, or The Prestige, or, oh shit, what else is there?” she looked at Kay.

“Good question.”

“Happy Feet sounds fine. Going to call Ryan and then going to get some shut eye. See yinz tomorrow.”

“Sweet dreams.” I said.


“I’ll be up soon.” came from Kay. We lived in an apartment looking house, but it was kinda small. It had two bedrooms on the top floor with a bathroom. Kristan and Kayla share a bedroom, called the Ks, while Amanda and I shared the other bedroom dubbed the As. It’s an old joke started back when we were still in high school. The As vs. the Ks. We, Kayla and myself finished the news and headed to bed while Amanda

jumped in the shower.

“I’m just curious what all did Brendon say about me?” I asked before she opened the door to her room.

“Do you mean asked?” she laughed.

“Yea, sorry.” I laughed

“what I thought you and Spencer were doing. If you liked him back. Stuff like that.” she told me

“Oh what did you tell him?”

“I told him that I had no idea what you were feeling but told him to talk to you about it.” I sat there and thought about it for a min.

“Thanks Kay. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” we parted ways and I changed into my pjs. I slipped into a dream about Brendon and Spencer. When I woke the sun was shining and the clock read 8am. Today was Thursday and I had an interview with a business company. Sony to be exact. I jumped into the shower and ate a small breakfast - a pop tart. Then put on Panic! In the car ride to LA. Spencer had given it to me yesterday. Too bad Brendon sang most of the stuff, but I could tune him out and just focus on the drums. My interview was for 10 and I pulled in around 9:30. As soon as I parked my car my phone vibrated. It was Brendon. What the hell does he want?


“Hi. Look I am really sorry about last night. I was a jerk and should have never taken Kayla out. She is a sweet girl and I was a horrible date. But she likes Jon anyway and I like you. But what do you feel about me?” What a mouth full. Oh god what do I feel about him? I hardly know him. “Hello?”

“Sorry. Look Brendon. Can I call you back I’m on my way to an interview for Sony.”

“Yes of course.” I hung up with my heart beating. I like him but yet I don’t know if I like him. And what about Spencer? I do like Spencer. But I was first attracted to Brendon. I can’t think about this now. I need to concentrate on my interview. I’ll worry about this later. I stepped out of my trail blazer and clunked on the pavement as I made my way to the building. Yet again my phone rang. It was Kayla.


“Hi Can you bring home some milk. Amanda drank the rest.”

“Sure 1% correct?”


“K I don’t know how long my interview will be but I will bring it home as soon as I get done. Call ya later. Love ya “

“Love you too. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” I hung up with her and put my phone on silent before walking in to the building. I found the floor I needed to be on and took the elevator up to the 15th story. Upon stepping out of the elevator I ran into an extremely hot male.


There you have it!! More Panic updates coming to you next tues!!! I have to show you the bath robe interview!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your Eyes Are The Size Of The Moon

It's here!!!! Finally!!! Panic(!) Uploaded their 'Nine In The Afternoon' Video Sunday night at 9pm (go figure! lol) Here's the video for your enjoyment!!!!

I'm absolutely in love with the video. Just a few of my favorite parts are... I love Spencer's alarm clock. I need one...Also I love Brendon's face right after he throws his alarm clock...At the end I love seeing Spencer sing and them clapping it's so cute...Ryan looks lanky in his long johns, lol...oh and Brendon is a bear!
I have a build-a-bear named after Brendon and Spencer named BrendonSpencer, lol. And my two best friends have Ryan and Jon. Amanda has Ryan and Kayla has Jon. Ryan, BrendonSpencer, and Jon in respect.

We took that picture of our bears when we were in Philly. That was an awesome. Maybe I'll post some pictures at a later date, if you like. It was a great experience. Not only did we get to see Panic but we got see some of the sites that they filmed in National Treasure. It was funny. We found the site that Nicolas Cage ran down the sidewalk after visiting the Liberty Bell. So, being crazy fans like ourselves we had to run down the sidewalk as well. But gravity got the best of Amanda's phone and it fell out of her pocket to break in two on the ground. She didn't get any sound clips on her phone that concert. Philly was great I just hope that Columbus is just as fun.

Speaking of Columbus, I'm involved in the Panic Street Team on Fueled By Ramen and there is a mission to promote the tour. I did it. And have the opportunity to win, a free ticket to the show your attending, early entry, and need to take pictures of the promotions that you posted. The mission was that you had to put the cd cover on ten different websites. It was hard but I managed. After that was done you needed to send the websites to Erick, the one in charge at FBR. I received an email earlier today. All it said was "Amazing. Do you have tickets yet." So I replied. "No I was waiting for presale on tues (today)." I'm just waiting for his reply. I hope I win.

That's all I can think of at the moment. More of my story next time. I hope you're enjoying it!!! Till then :)


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 3

Here's some sneak peaks at their upcoming music video, Nine In The Afternoon.
In Order: The group like a marching band; The group with animal heads; his bedroom; Spencer in his bedroom.
Hey here's the continuation of my story!!! I only own the plot and Alyssa. Hope you enjoy it!!!
“Brendon? What are you doing here?”
“Picking up my date.”
“Hey man, what are you doing here?” Spencer followed behind him.
“Picking up my date, god. I can’t do that?” Kay squeezed by me.
“Bye Lys! Have fun on your date!” she told me and Brendon smirked.
“You too!” I was confused as hell.
“When did that happen?” Spence asked me.
“I don’t know. But please come in I have to grab my jacket, purse and keys to lock up.” he followed me in.
“Nice place.”
“Thank you. We try.” I laughed. I let him look around a bit more. “ Ready?” he nodded and walked out. I locked the door. He took my hand and opened the door for me. “Thank you.”
“Your welcome.” he got in and started the car. “What would you like to listen to?”
“Any thing you listen to is fine with me.” he kept the cd in but turned it down low. I looked out the window as we drove by thinking of why Brendon and Kay were going out on a date. I really didn’t have enough time to tell Kay what happened and I don’t think Amanda had time. Should I text her? No I’ll just leave her be. It’s not Kayla’s fault. I do blame Brendon. But then what did that kiss mean? And what about Friday? Are we still going? Wait, I thought Jon was interested in Kay and vice versa. Oh god. I might be reading too into this.
“Don’t you think he could be getting back at you for going out with me?” Spence told me.
“He could be.” I responded not realizing that he didn’t know what I was thinking. “But I how did you know?”
“I just figured that’s what was wrong because I know you like him.” he replied.
“Oh, wow you’re good.” I laughed. “I’m sorry for thinking about it, though.”
“No it’s ok. I understand completely.” he said and we pulled into the parking lot. “I hope you like Chinese food.”
“I love Chinese food.”
“ Awesome, I’m in the mood for sweet and sour chicken.”
“Are you serious? That’s my favorite!” I beamed. He just smiled back. Then came around and opened the door. “Thank you.” Spencer is such a gentlemen. We walked into the restaurant and was seated by the window. The waiter quickly took our order and we launched into a conversation.
“How long have you’ve been playing the drums.” he asked me.
“Since the fifth grade. You?”
“About the age of 7.”
“Aww. I can just picture you playing you’re little drum set.” he chuckled.
“Thanks.” Our conversation went from music to movies to books to friends and families by the time it was ready to leave for the concert. By then it was close to eight-thirty. We arrived at the club 20 minutes later. Spencer ordered me a drink and we sat close together throughout the whole show. His friend was an awesome drummer, but I definitely heard this band before.
“Hey Spence, not to burst your bubble, but I know the band.” I confessed.
“ It’s ok. I’m glad you heard of them, but how?”
“My best friend dates the singer.”
“Amanda?” I shook my head no. “Kayla.” again, no. “Then who?”
“She’s a forensic scientist. Works very odd hours. The swing shift they call it. She might be back when we get home. Her name is Kristan.”
“Yes. Of course Ryan has mentioned her.”
“ Yep, that’s her.” I smiled. Yellowcard finished up their set and we went to go say hi to LP, the drummer.
“Hey Lys.” he hugged me. We tried to date but things didn’t work. We’re better off as friends anyway.
“And Spencer. Glad to see you made it to a show.” he hugged Spence, too. It was cute. “This is Alyssa, Lys this is Spencer he-”
“I know, I came with Spencer.”
“Came? As in on a date?” LP asked surprised. We shook our heads. “Wow what a small world it is. How did you two meet?”
“I’m working on their new music video. And, well, he asked me to come check out his friend’s band. And here I am.”
“Nice.” LP commented. “How have you been Lys?” “Not bad, and yourself?”
“I’m living.” he smiled at me. Then some commotion was heard and some yelling. “I’ve gotta get back there and help them move my set before they break another cymbal.” I laughed he shook Spence’s hand and kissed me on the cheek.
“You two used to date?” he asked.
“Yes, but it just wasn’t working out.” I informed him. “We’re just better off as friends.”
“Oh ok. That‘s good in a way.” I smiled.
“It is.”
“You ready to head back?”
“I am if you are.” “Well I’m ready when you are..” he chuckled. And I looked around one last time before saying I was ready to go. He held my hand and walked me to his vehicle. Which, I’m sorry if I forgot to mention, is a Chevy cobalt. Blue in color. We still chatted on the way back to my house as he held my hand. Upon arrival I saw Brendon and Kayla at the front door - kissing.
oh geez!!! what do you think will happen next?! hmm...stayed tuned for more!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 Down 6 To Go!!!

Hey everyone! Last time I mentioned that I was attending the Columbus, OH show. I just thought that I'd promote the date and see if any of you want to go as well.

Just click on the link above and it will take you to the Fueled by Ramen store. From there you can navigate your way. :)

I logged onto my livejournal account to discover that Panic(!) is releasing Nine In The Afternoon Feb 10th at 9pm!!! MTV is doing a special. They are counting down the days to the release. Each day they are giving little videos of the band. They are great! My favorite so far is the second interview. The guys are talking about what's in store for the video and Spencer mentions that each member has his own dream and Jon's is about girls in mustaches. Ryan says "Jon always liked girls with facial hair!" Lol. It was pretty random and great! That's why I love Panic(!). It reminds me of their DVD of the first tour that they headlined. Here why don't i just post the clip that I found on you tube. It's waaay better and funnier if you actually watch it.

Believe or not I did go out and buy vanilla deodorant after I watched this. I didn't care for it and hope Ryan has moved on since he has Keltie now. Anyway, I hope you got a little kick of out the Panic(!) that I know and come to love! They are a little quirky and crazy but they wouldn't be them! Don't forget to check out the tour and may be join the street team! ::wink wink:: Hope you have an awesome week and I'll be updating dating my story next's just getting started!