Thursday, January 24, 2008


Chapter 1

“And Action!” the director screamed. The music blasted through the speakers of the outside location of the music video. I was playing the part of the lead girl. Whom the two band members we’re fighting over. It was quite interesting because they are extremely hot! My job was to run through a field of sunflowers with my love then the other member was to steal me away. Fun! Right now they were shooting the band playing in the field of sunflowers so I decided to call my best friend and see what she wanted to do for lunch. She was the make-up artist for the band currently, and that’s partially how I got this job in the first place. I rummaged through my purse for the cell phone.
“Hey you!” I said when she answered.
“Hi. How’s your shoot going?”
“Great. The guys are really sweet and nice, plus hot!”
“I know, but Ryan is mine.”
“That’s fine as long as I can have Brendon.”
“Sure. He’s all yours.” she said.
“Thanks, but you want to meet up for lunch?” I asked. ”That’s the whole reason I called. “
“Yea, that’s fine. Should we call Kay?”
“Yes. If you want to call because I don’t know when they’ll need me, if soon.”
“Give me 5 and I will. Panera’s?”
“Of course.” I replied then I saw Brendon motion for me. “I’ve gotta go. See you at 12.” and hung up before she could reply then ran over to him. “Yes? Do they need me?”
“No we’re doing close up shots and they are on Spencer. But I was wondering if you wanted go out to lunch.” shit! Why didn’t I wait until after to call Amanda.
“I would love to but…I’ve made plans with Amanda and Kayla.” he looked bummed. “ But if you want you’re more than welcome to join us.”
“What’s going on?” Ryan came over and stuck his nose into our business.
“Discussing lunch plans. Chat later.” Brendon swiftly told him.
“Oh cool where?” He looked toward me.
“Panera Bread.”
“Sorry. I’m coming. I love their food especially their Tuscan chicken sandwiches. Who’s all going?:
“So far, Amanda, Kayla, our friend, and Brendon .”
“Amanda is coming? I’m definitely there now.” I gave Brendon a quizzical look. He just raised his eyebrow in return. Jon joined our little group then..
“I’m hungry. I wish it was lunch.”
“Jon you’re always hungry.” concluded Ryan. We all just laughed. Then he had to leave to do his close up shot. It took another hour to finish up. I changed out of my costume and into sweats before meeting Amanda Jean.
“Amanda I have a surprise for you.” as soon as I said that Ryan, Brendon, Jon and Spencer rounded the corner.
“Look who it is!” came from Spencer.
“Our lovely and talented make up artist.” added Jon.
“Hey guys.” she waved. “Kayla said she would meet us there but she might be late. She’s in the studio.”
“That’s typical Kayla.” I laughed. Amanda nodded her head in agreement.
“Who’s car are we taking? Or do we need two?” Ryan asked.
“Ryan! When you’d get here?” she was taken back.
“With the rest of the guys.” he said. She looked dumbfounded.
“There’s one, two, three, four, five, six. We might need two.” Brendon counted.
“No, I have a trailblazer. We can fit.” I led them to it. We all piled in and I turned on the engine. F4 blared from the speakers .
“What is that?” Brendon asked from behind.
“F4.” Amanda told him. She started to sing ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love.’ but I turned it off. “Hey!”
“Sorry we’ll listen to it on the way home tonight.”
“Ok.” We pulled up to Panera’s in 10 mins. And Kay beat us there!
“Hey you! How’d you beat us?” I hugged her.
“Well the studio is two doors down.”
“Studio?” asked Jon.
“Yea, I’m a back up singer for a new band right now. I was recording a song.” she explained.
“Oh awesome.” he said.
“Kayla, this is Jon, Spencer, Brendon, and Ryan., Guys this is our best friend Kayla.” Amanda did the introducing. Jon seemed to take interest. I approve. We ordered, sat down and quickly started a conversation.
“How’s day two treating you?” asked Spencer.
“It’s wonderful. I love it.” I took a spoonful of my soup in a bread bowl. “I also love this soup.”
“What did you get again?” Kayla asked.
“Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice.” was my reply. “But I think I’m going to get an IC caramel before heading back to the shoot.”
“That sounds good.” We finished up eating and I walked up to the counter and ordered my coffee drink. While I was waiting for them to make it, Spencer approached me.
“Hey I was wondering if you weren’t busy tonight that may be we can grab a local show. My friend’s band is performing.” Wow why is Spencer asking me out? He’s really hot too. And I’m not tied down to anyone, even though I wish it was Brendon. But that’s ok.

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