Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your Eyes Are The Size Of The Moon

It's here!!!! Finally!!! Panic(!) Uploaded their 'Nine In The Afternoon' Video Sunday night at 9pm (go figure! lol) Here's the video for your enjoyment!!!!

I'm absolutely in love with the video. Just a few of my favorite parts are... I love Spencer's alarm clock. I need one...Also I love Brendon's face right after he throws his alarm clock...At the end I love seeing Spencer sing and them clapping it's so cute...Ryan looks lanky in his long johns, lol...oh and Brendon is a bear!
I have a build-a-bear named after Brendon and Spencer named BrendonSpencer, lol. And my two best friends have Ryan and Jon. Amanda has Ryan and Kayla has Jon. Ryan, BrendonSpencer, and Jon in respect.

We took that picture of our bears when we were in Philly. That was an awesome. Maybe I'll post some pictures at a later date, if you like. It was a great experience. Not only did we get to see Panic but we got see some of the sites that they filmed in National Treasure. It was funny. We found the site that Nicolas Cage ran down the sidewalk after visiting the Liberty Bell. So, being crazy fans like ourselves we had to run down the sidewalk as well. But gravity got the best of Amanda's phone and it fell out of her pocket to break in two on the ground. She didn't get any sound clips on her phone that concert. Philly was great I just hope that Columbus is just as fun.

Speaking of Columbus, I'm involved in the Panic Street Team on Fueled By Ramen and there is a mission to promote the tour. I did it. And have the opportunity to win, a free ticket to the show your attending, early entry, and need to take pictures of the promotions that you posted. The mission was that you had to put the cd cover on ten different websites. It was hard but I managed. After that was done you needed to send the websites to Erick, the one in charge at FBR. I received an email earlier today. All it said was "Amazing. Do you have tickets yet." So I replied. "No I was waiting for presale on tues (today)." I'm just waiting for his reply. I hope I win.

That's all I can think of at the moment. More of my story next time. I hope you're enjoying it!!! Till then :)


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