Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 3

Here's some sneak peaks at their upcoming music video, Nine In The Afternoon.
In Order: The group like a marching band; The group with animal heads; his bedroom; Spencer in his bedroom.
Hey here's the continuation of my story!!! I only own the plot and Alyssa. Hope you enjoy it!!!
“Brendon? What are you doing here?”
“Picking up my date.”
“Hey man, what are you doing here?” Spencer followed behind him.
“Picking up my date, god. I can’t do that?” Kay squeezed by me.
“Bye Lys! Have fun on your date!” she told me and Brendon smirked.
“You too!” I was confused as hell.
“When did that happen?” Spence asked me.
“I don’t know. But please come in I have to grab my jacket, purse and keys to lock up.” he followed me in.
“Nice place.”
“Thank you. We try.” I laughed. I let him look around a bit more. “ Ready?” he nodded and walked out. I locked the door. He took my hand and opened the door for me. “Thank you.”
“Your welcome.” he got in and started the car. “What would you like to listen to?”
“Any thing you listen to is fine with me.” he kept the cd in but turned it down low. I looked out the window as we drove by thinking of why Brendon and Kay were going out on a date. I really didn’t have enough time to tell Kay what happened and I don’t think Amanda had time. Should I text her? No I’ll just leave her be. It’s not Kayla’s fault. I do blame Brendon. But then what did that kiss mean? And what about Friday? Are we still going? Wait, I thought Jon was interested in Kay and vice versa. Oh god. I might be reading too into this.
“Don’t you think he could be getting back at you for going out with me?” Spence told me.
“He could be.” I responded not realizing that he didn’t know what I was thinking. “But I how did you know?”
“I just figured that’s what was wrong because I know you like him.” he replied.
“Oh, wow you’re good.” I laughed. “I’m sorry for thinking about it, though.”
“No it’s ok. I understand completely.” he said and we pulled into the parking lot. “I hope you like Chinese food.”
“I love Chinese food.”
“ Awesome, I’m in the mood for sweet and sour chicken.”
“Are you serious? That’s my favorite!” I beamed. He just smiled back. Then came around and opened the door. “Thank you.” Spencer is such a gentlemen. We walked into the restaurant and was seated by the window. The waiter quickly took our order and we launched into a conversation.
“How long have you’ve been playing the drums.” he asked me.
“Since the fifth grade. You?”
“About the age of 7.”
“Aww. I can just picture you playing you’re little drum set.” he chuckled.
“Thanks.” Our conversation went from music to movies to books to friends and families by the time it was ready to leave for the concert. By then it was close to eight-thirty. We arrived at the club 20 minutes later. Spencer ordered me a drink and we sat close together throughout the whole show. His friend was an awesome drummer, but I definitely heard this band before.
“Hey Spence, not to burst your bubble, but I know the band.” I confessed.
“ It’s ok. I’m glad you heard of them, but how?”
“My best friend dates the singer.”
“Amanda?” I shook my head no. “Kayla.” again, no. “Then who?”
“She’s a forensic scientist. Works very odd hours. The swing shift they call it. She might be back when we get home. Her name is Kristan.”
“Yes. Of course Ryan has mentioned her.”
“ Yep, that’s her.” I smiled. Yellowcard finished up their set and we went to go say hi to LP, the drummer.
“Hey Lys.” he hugged me. We tried to date but things didn’t work. We’re better off as friends anyway.
“And Spencer. Glad to see you made it to a show.” he hugged Spence, too. It was cute. “This is Alyssa, Lys this is Spencer he-”
“I know, I came with Spencer.”
“Came? As in on a date?” LP asked surprised. We shook our heads. “Wow what a small world it is. How did you two meet?”
“I’m working on their new music video. And, well, he asked me to come check out his friend’s band. And here I am.”
“Nice.” LP commented. “How have you been Lys?” “Not bad, and yourself?”
“I’m living.” he smiled at me. Then some commotion was heard and some yelling. “I’ve gotta get back there and help them move my set before they break another cymbal.” I laughed he shook Spence’s hand and kissed me on the cheek.
“You two used to date?” he asked.
“Yes, but it just wasn’t working out.” I informed him. “We’re just better off as friends.”
“Oh ok. That‘s good in a way.” I smiled.
“It is.”
“You ready to head back?”
“I am if you are.” “Well I’m ready when you are..” he chuckled. And I looked around one last time before saying I was ready to go. He held my hand and walked me to his vehicle. Which, I’m sorry if I forgot to mention, is a Chevy cobalt. Blue in color. We still chatted on the way back to my house as he held my hand. Upon arrival I saw Brendon and Kayla at the front door - kissing.
oh geez!!! what do you think will happen next?! hmm...stayed tuned for more!!!

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