Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 Down 6 To Go!!!

Hey everyone! Last time I mentioned that I was attending the Columbus, OH show. I just thought that I'd promote the date and see if any of you want to go as well.

Just click on the link above and it will take you to the Fueled by Ramen store. From there you can navigate your way. :)

I logged onto my livejournal account to discover that Panic(!) is releasing Nine In The Afternoon Feb 10th at 9pm!!! MTV is doing a special. They are counting down the days to the release. Each day they are giving little videos of the band. They are great! My favorite so far is the second interview. The guys are talking about what's in store for the video and Spencer mentions that each member has his own dream and Jon's is about girls in mustaches. Ryan says "Jon always liked girls with facial hair!" Lol. It was pretty random and great! That's why I love Panic(!). It reminds me of their DVD of the first tour that they headlined. Here why don't i just post the clip that I found on you tube. It's waaay better and funnier if you actually watch it.

Believe or not I did go out and buy vanilla deodorant after I watched this. I didn't care for it and hope Ryan has moved on since he has Keltie now. Anyway, I hope you got a little kick of out the Panic(!) that I know and come to love! They are a little quirky and crazy but they wouldn't be them! Don't forget to check out the tour and may be join the street team! ::wink wink:: Hope you have an awesome week and I'll be updating dating my story next time...it's just getting started!


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