Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 6

Hey hey ppl. Panic is currently doing their tour in the UK now and you've gotta love those guys. They took videos and rip the sound into an mp3. They did that we 3 of their new songs! But I'm going to post one of them for your listening enjoyment. It's going to be their next single after the album is released called 'That Green Gentlemen.' As you listen to that you can read the next of my story! Hope you like it!
“Can I come over and talk with you?” he asked before we said hello.
“I guess.” Kay’s on her luncheon with Jon. Amanda is out practicing her make- up skills while Kristan was at work. “No one’s here but me.”
“That’s alright. I’ll be right there.” he hung up and 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. I took a deep breathe before answering. He kissed me before I could shut the door. “What was that all about earlier?”
“Don’t you remember the question you asked me earlier on the phone?” he nodded and I took another breathe. “Brendon I like you. You were the first one out of the four of yinz that I was attracted to. Spencer is such a sweet guy and I had a marvelous time with him but I don’t think I feel the same way about him as he does to me.” without another word, he kissed me again. This time, I kissed back. It was another breathtaking kiss.
“Alyssa, will you be my girlfriend.” I haven’t had a boyfriend since I moved out here. It’s a dream come true.
“Yes of course I will be your girlfriend, if you’ll be my boyfriend.” I giggled.
“I’ll be that and your prince charming if you’ll be my princess.”
“I’ll be your princess. Just come and rescue me my knight in shining armor.” and I squeezed out of his grip and raced up the stairs to my bedroom. He caught up with me at the top of the stairs and scooped me up in his arms.
“Which one’s yours?” I pointed the door with the A’s on it. Then to one with a bear with a top hat. “Cute!.” We started making out. He was a fantastic kisser. Just then the door open and close. Footsteps were heard along with laughter and more running up the stairs. They didn’t come in here so it must be Kayla and Jon back from their luncheon. “That sounds like Jon.”
“It is. Along with Kayla. They had a luncheon today.”
“He did mention that after he blew up in my face for taking ‘his girl’ out.” I laughed. “I don’t see what the big deal was, she didn’t even like me.”
“It’s not that she didn’t like you,…” I trailed off. “It’s my same situation. I like Spencer and went out with him but I like you more. Kay likes you but likes Jon more. Do you understand?” he nodded and pulled me near. We kissed again before he remembered he had radio interview to do with the boys and invited me along. That would be exciting. I went to bother Kay. “Bother!” I screamed into her room. Her and Jon were just kissing. “Chica, you going to the radio station tonight with them before the movie?” she looked at me quizzical.
“No, I wasn’t invited.” she glanced at Jon.
“I didn’t know we were allowed to bring dates, but if you’re going, do you want to come then?” Kay beamed!
“I’d love to.”
“Great it starts at 3.” I looked at the clock on the wall, I have an hour and half to get ready.
“Brendon, sweetie.” I left Kay’s room for my own. “I need to change.”
“But you’re so sexy when you’re all professional.” My cheeks along with my ears turned bright red.
“Thank you but I need to change into something comfortable.” I kicked him out of my room. As I closed the door but heard Jon say.
“You get kicked out too?” I just laughed at myself and rummaged through my closet on what sexy yet comfy out fit to wear. 5 secs later was I being pulled across the top of the stairs into Kay’s room to help her with an outfit.
“Wear that yellow tank top with that jean mini skirt.” she looked at me.
“I know you’re not fond of skirts but just try it for Jon and the girls tonight!”
“Alright, for you and Jon.” I smiled and ran across the hall to continue changing myself. I decided on a mini jean skirt as well with a teal tank top and white flip flops that has blue sequence along the tongs. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and put on some makeup. Kay and I walked out the exact same time.
“You look cute!” she told me.
“You too!” I laughed back and we walked down the stairs to our awaiting boys. Their mouths dropped.
“Did you two plan this?” asked Jon and I nodded no. “Oh well it looks cute.”
“Thanks.” replied Kayla.
“What car do we plan on taking?” my boyfriend asked.
“Well I was just going to take my car. Since Kay and I need to go out afterward.”
“For Diva night.” Jon gave Brendon a quizzical look then glanced at Kayla.
“He’s right.” she started to explain. “Kristan, Amanda, Lys and I along with a couple other friends catch up with each other every Thursday night.”
“That’s cool.” replied Jon. “I like my downtime right now.”
“That’s for sure.” agreed Brendon. Jon and Brendon went into there own cars while Kay and I stepped into mine.
“Can we listen to Panic!?” she asked me.
“Why so you can hear Jon’s non existence voice?” I joked with her. She didn’t find it too funny. “Sorry.” she replied with singing the songs. I didn’t know she knew them. Hmm… we arrived 5 mins before the boys and discovered Amanda and Ryan were there along with Spencer. He came right over and kissed me. I didn’t stop him because it felt so nice but I need to tell him about Brendon and I.
“Hi.” I whispered and he pulled me away to around the side of the building. He just kissed me again. Why can’t I back away? I need to tell him. “Spencer, we need to talk.”
“Be my girlfriend?” Oh God. This is not what I had planned.
Hmmm...what's Lys going to say? Stay tuned next week to find out!!! I hope you liked 'That Green Gentlemen.' It is live so that's why the quality isn't the best but it works!!! Have a great weekend!!! Don't party too hard!!! And wish me luck on my license test later today! Cya!


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