Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 4

Guess who's going to see Panic VIP style??? Me!!!! And my two best friends!!!! I bought our tickets at 5:05 on Tues!!! I'm so excited!!! I hope you all enjoyed 'Nine in the Afternoon' video!!! And that you enjoy this next chapter!!!


“Can we go around the block?” He nodded and drove slowly around the block. They were gone the next time we stopped. Spencer got out and opened the door for me and walked me to the front door. “I had an awesome time.”

“As did I.”

“Thank you for everything.”

“Your welcome.” he leaned in to kiss me. And I leaned back and kissed him. He pulled me close by wrapping his arms around my lower back. I deepened the kiss and frenched him. We didn’t part for awhile. And he left me breathless.

“Thank you again.”

“Your welcome. I’ll call you.” I watched him walk away and get into his car before opening the door to the house. I saw Amanda sitting on the couch talking to Kayla. Kristan was in the chair eating a bowl of something. Amanda turned to me.

“Hey how was your date?”

“Great! I loved it. Spencer is such a gentlemen. How was yinz?” You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh but you can’t take the Pittsburgh out of the girl.

“Ryan is so sweet! He’s better than I imagined.” Aww that’s cute!

“Mine wasn’t that great.”

“Brendon not that exciting?” Amanda and I laughed.

“Not really, all he wanted to know was about you, Lys. Like he wondered what you and Spencer were doing and such. A real bore. Not that I don’t love you but it’s he asked me out and I got this feeling he was just doing it to get back at you.”

“Funny, Spencer said the same thing. I was wondering about it when I first got into the car but after that my mind and attention was on Spencer. I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

“It’s ok. Not your fault. Besides I’ve got a luncheon with Jon tomorrow.”

“There’s your man!” Amanda told her. We all just laughed.

“So how was work?” I asked Kristan.

“Interesting. We started a case that deals with twins.”

“That does sound interesting.”

“Yep well I’m heading off to bed. What movie are we seeing tomorrow?” she asked. I glanced at Amanda. I know she wanted to see Happy Feet.

“Happy Feet, or The Prestige, or, oh shit, what else is there?” she looked at Kay.

“Good question.”

“Happy Feet sounds fine. Going to call Ryan and then going to get some shut eye. See yinz tomorrow.”

“Sweet dreams.” I said.


“I’ll be up soon.” came from Kay. We lived in an apartment looking house, but it was kinda small. It had two bedrooms on the top floor with a bathroom. Kristan and Kayla share a bedroom, called the Ks, while Amanda and I shared the other bedroom dubbed the As. It’s an old joke started back when we were still in high school. The As vs. the Ks. We, Kayla and myself finished the news and headed to bed while Amanda

jumped in the shower.

“I’m just curious what all did Brendon say about me?” I asked before she opened the door to her room.

“Do you mean asked?” she laughed.

“Yea, sorry.” I laughed

“what I thought you and Spencer were doing. If you liked him back. Stuff like that.” she told me

“Oh what did you tell him?”

“I told him that I had no idea what you were feeling but told him to talk to you about it.” I sat there and thought about it for a min.

“Thanks Kay. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” we parted ways and I changed into my pjs. I slipped into a dream about Brendon and Spencer. When I woke the sun was shining and the clock read 8am. Today was Thursday and I had an interview with a business company. Sony to be exact. I jumped into the shower and ate a small breakfast - a pop tart. Then put on Panic! In the car ride to LA. Spencer had given it to me yesterday. Too bad Brendon sang most of the stuff, but I could tune him out and just focus on the drums. My interview was for 10 and I pulled in around 9:30. As soon as I parked my car my phone vibrated. It was Brendon. What the hell does he want?


“Hi. Look I am really sorry about last night. I was a jerk and should have never taken Kayla out. She is a sweet girl and I was a horrible date. But she likes Jon anyway and I like you. But what do you feel about me?” What a mouth full. Oh god what do I feel about him? I hardly know him. “Hello?”

“Sorry. Look Brendon. Can I call you back I’m on my way to an interview for Sony.”

“Yes of course.” I hung up with my heart beating. I like him but yet I don’t know if I like him. And what about Spencer? I do like Spencer. But I was first attracted to Brendon. I can’t think about this now. I need to concentrate on my interview. I’ll worry about this later. I stepped out of my trail blazer and clunked on the pavement as I made my way to the building. Yet again my phone rang. It was Kayla.


“Hi Can you bring home some milk. Amanda drank the rest.”

“Sure 1% correct?”


“K I don’t know how long my interview will be but I will bring it home as soon as I get done. Call ya later. Love ya “

“Love you too. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” I hung up with her and put my phone on silent before walking in to the building. I found the floor I needed to be on and took the elevator up to the 15th story. Upon stepping out of the elevator I ran into an extremely hot male.


There you have it!! More Panic updates coming to you next tues!!! I have to show you the bath robe interview!!!


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