Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 5

Quick news about Panic. I recieved an email today that they are putting on a private showing in NYC this weekend for the fan club members. You have to be 18 yrs or older and have gov't id. They are video tapeing so you need a release form too. I RSVP'd to the email and now am waiting for a reply. My roommate and I may go up sat and come back sunday. this should be a great kick off for spring break!!! woot!! Onto my story. I hope you've enjoyed it thus far! I know I love writing it!
“Excuse me.” he said.
“It’s my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was heading.”
“Entirely my fault, can I take you out for coffee?” he smiled at me.
“Sure I guess. But I have to go to an interview, right now.” I told him.
“That’s not a problem. I’ll meet you here at 11? By the way I am Jared.”
“Alyssa. And 11 sounds fine.” He swiftly walked away and I made my way to the front desk. “Hi my name is Alyssa Trunzo and I’m here for an interview with Mr. Ebbs.” the sectary looked through her computer.
“Alright, Ms. Trunzo if you turn around and walk through those doors. I’ll inform him you are coming.”
“Thank you.” I turned around and took a deep breathe, gripping my portfolio and purse as I made my way. It felt like an eternity to reach the double wooden doors. I smoothed out my purple skirt. Tugged my matching suit jacket down before opening the doors. I noticed Jared sitting behind the desk.
“Your Mr. Ebbs?” I asked walking in the room. He nodded.
“Please close the door and have a seat.” Shit I just blew my first impression with him. “To be honest with you. I’m just filling in for my father. He’s on a cruise with my mother.” Oh good. I’m going out with the boss’s son. Way to go Lys! “I hope that’s alright with you.”
“That’s fine.”
“Shall we begin?” I nodded and handed him my portfolio. He skimmed through it. “I see you graduated from St. Vincent College with a major in communications and a minor in martketing. That’s good. I see you know French Chinese, and a little bit of Italian and Hungarian. You are well rounded in sports and music. What instrument do you play?”
“The drums.” he seemed impressed.
“Do you have a love for music?”
“Oh yes, sir. Music is my life. I eat, breathe, and live music.”
“What’s your favorite genre?”
“I listen to it all, but I love punk and alternative like Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects.” “Both very good bands. So you can promote any music that we throw your way. Appeal to a specific age group.”
“Yes, I can. I’ve traveled and have performed mock trials.”
“All very good.” He continued to look through the resume. “I think I can say on behalf of my father and the rest of the company, that we would love to have you on board.” I beamed.
“Thank you so much!” I shook his head.
“Your welcome, how bout that coffee?” he asked.
“Sounds great.” Jared handed me my portfolio back and opened the door for me.
“Why thank you.” We ended up at the Panera’s right across the street. “ I could definitely get used to this.” I laughed “ I love Panera’s. It was my first job when I was 16.”
“How nice.” He smiled. Then I looked out the window and saw Brendon standing there. What the hell was he doing? Stalking me? He walked across the street and headed into the shop. Yea I think he was stalking me, he’s heading toward my table. Great just great!
“Hey Jared.” he shook his hand.
“Little couz.” exclaimed Jared. Ok then he wasn’t stalking me, good.
“You two know each other?”
“First Spencer and now my cousin? I thought you said you had an interview?” he spilled.
“I did. He gave the interview and then invited me out for coffee.” I don’t know what came over me but I just got up and kissed Brendon on the lips. “ That’s the answer to your question before.” I gathered my belongings while a speechless Brendon and a shocked Jared stood there. “Thank you, Jared for inviting me for coffee. I shall see you on Monday correct?” He nodded and I left for home. I couldn’t wait to tell the girls tonight that I got a real job! I did remember to stop and buy milk for Kay. We go through so much milk it’s crazy! When I arrived home I checked my phone to discover I had four missed calls…all from a particular boy. You guessed it- Brendon. I decided to call him back.
Hmm...wonder what Brenny has to say that he called Lys four times! And what a conwinkydink that Lys is working for his Uncle. This is getting good! Hope yinz all have an amazing week and spring break for those going on it! Be safe and talk to you l8r!


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