Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That Green Gentleman

Hey Everyone!!! How are you doing? Only 21 days til Pretty. Odd. comes out! Can't wait! I know Panic just came out with 'Nine In The Afternoon.' But they just filmed a new video for their next single called 'That Green Gentleman.' The basic jist of the video is them being kids again and stuff...that's why they have mini me's! lol The pictures are thanks to mtv.com. Hope the you enjoy them! I just love the Brendon one below. It is now my background on my desktop! Jon and the Sousaphone is hot. Ryan just looks scary with his mandolin. I love the Spencer and his bass drum picture as well because I played bass drum in high school and I loved every minute of it! And now about the bikes. I no clue how they will come into play but I do know they use some sort of Nesting Doll type deal. It's where you open one and they continue to get smaller. I have one but it's hand crafted from Hungry and it's a little Hungarian women. It's so cute. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about. That'd be awesome. This single and video should be out a couple of weeks after the cd is released. That'd be April. Then may is the concert! So excited!!!

This video looks so cute, especially the little panic boys. I bet some people will come up with good ideas for stories in the meantime. Lol. Speaking of stories...i was talking with my best friend the other day and she mentioned the story about Sunflowers Brendon mentioned on the NRWCT. She thought it'd be funny if the tour had to deal with sunflowers since NITA had a lot of sunflowers in it's video. Like in Jon's bedroom and Spencer's drumsticks! I'd laugh if they do but we shall see!!!

Well i hope you enjoyed that sneak peak at panic's newest video. be sure to listen to the song on the side of my page and don't forget to vote for panic at trl.mtv.com. they were number 4 today let's get them to the number one spot like they deserve!!!! Take care!!!


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