Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Behind the Sea

Hey hey hope everyone had a great weekend! I've seemed to have caught a cold so hopefully it clears up by the end of the week...which is the Relient K concert! Woot! But enough about me...let's talk Panic! Panic is leaking their album on Mtv.com for one day. March 18th and to celebrate mtv is counting down the days.

There's the first batch of the exclusive videos that will be available to watch on buzzworthy.mtv.com. Each day two more videos will be released all the way up until March 18th!!!

Also I added another song to my profile. It is 'Behind the Sea'. It's the alternative version meaning that this one will not appear on the album. The lead singer on this song is not Brendon but Ryan Ross! And I absolutely love it! Someone needs to smack him because he said that he couldn't sing. Well I'll let you be the judge. Let me know what you thing of Ryro.

Something funny happened the other day. A ringtone website leaked it's Panic ringtone's to the public over the weekend. Now they fixed the problem, you can no longer buy them but still listen to them. How weird is that? So I saved them off the computer and onto my own. It's basically Pretty. Odd. in two minutes. Lol. But the songs are completely different than their first album. One weak till the Leak!!! You can bet I'll be listening to it ALL day long. Well that's it from me. Don't forget to check out Panic's interviews!!! Talk to ya on Thursday!!!


ps. anyone been to a Sizzlers?

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