Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 9

"Things are shaping up to be pretty odd." - That Green Gentlemen. So far I LOVE the new album. It's amazing. So different from the first. I actually found a video on that has the whole interview of the guys explaining what each song means...of course i'll share it with you!!!

Now on to my story!!!
“A Pittsburgh saying known as Pittsburghese.” I laughed again. “It means you all. Kinda like ya’ll but it’s yinz.”
“Oh ok, that’s interesting. What else you got?” I just shook my head no.
“You’ll just have to come back home with me.”
“Sounds like a plan. This weekend?”
“Well, if you want to I just have to be back on Sunday. I start my new job on Monday.”
“What new job?” peeped Ryan from the back.
“I’m working at Sony advertising their products.”
“Sweet.” he commented.
“She’s working for my Uncle, ironically.”
“Very ironic.”
“We’ll leave this afternoon and you can take me out to one of your favorite restaurants back home.”
“Sure, sounds fine. Who’s going to buy the tickets?”
“I’ll do it.” he said. “I did suggest it.”
“If you don’t know mind, I really don’t have the money to travel back home just yet. I do miss everyone terribly.”
“Don’t worry about it.” he leaned over and kissed me while we were at a red light.
“Thank you.” I need to pay him back somehow. In a few minutes we arrived home. Thank god the door was unlocked because I didn’t have my keys. I looked at the shoes on the floor, Kay must be at the studio. “Please make yourself at home.”
“Where’s Amanda’s room?”
“Upstairs and to the right. It has our names on the door. We’re the A’s vs. the K’s.” I laughed. And he bounded for the stairs. “Ryan! Shoes.” he ran back down and kicked them off before taking the steps two at a time. “I can make you breakfast. If you like?”
“Can you make an omelet?”
“No, but I’d love to learn.” I smiled and so did he. He got the picture. 15 minutes later Brendon was teaching me how to make an omelet and so far he did all the work.
“Hey Brendon why don’t we leave as soon as we can because of the time difference.” I said out of the blue. I do that a lot.
“How much difference?”
“3 hours.”
“3 hours?! Where are we going to the other side of the globe?”
“Try continent sweets.”
“Shit, well ok, can you look up the flights while I finish please?” I hopped off the counter and ran up the stairs to my room. I noticed that Amanda and Ryan were making out in her bed. I just grabbed my laptop and brought into the kitchen.
“Gotta love wireless.” he nodded and flipped the eggs.
“Find anything?”
“Yea, some cheap ones. Are you sure you want to do it?” I took a breath. “It’ll be 600 for both of us.”
“Yes I’m positive.” he flipped it again and turned to me. “Alyssa Leigh, even though I barely know you. I feel like I know you. And yet I want to know every little detail about you.”
“Brendon I feel the same way!” We kissed.
“Now book those tickets!” I laughed and let him browse through to make sure we got a good deal. Our plane was leaving at 2 and it’s 11 now! I better take a shower and pack.
“Hey I need to take a shower.”
“Can I join you?”
“Brendon!” I slapped his arm. Even though it would be nice.
“What?” he gave me an innocent look. “It’ll conserve water!” he has a point. Maybe later! I smirked at him and walked up the stairs to my room. Ryan and Amanda were still making out when I returned from my shower. I packed my suitcase and met Brendon downstairs 45mins later. “Hey I thought you drowned. I was going to rescue you.”
“Very funny.” I kissed him. “Amanda and Ryan are in a deep game of tonsil hockey. I’m going to leave everyone a note.”
“I’m going to break them up!”
“Not so fast mister!” I pulled his arm. “We need to go.” I got on my computer and emailed everyone a note of where I was going to be this weekend. I packed it up and we headed back to his house. On the way I called Sis to tell her about her date with Spencer. She was excited. It wasn’t until 1:00 till we reached the airport. And your suppose to be there at least 2hrs early. Thankfully it wasn’t that busy and we got through easily. We loaded our luggage on the cart and boarded the plane.
“I can’t believe we are doing this.” I turned to Brendon.
“Me either.”
“I forgot to call my parents.”
“Well hurry up and call.” I retrieved my phone.
“Mom? Hey I’m coming home for the weekend, be in later tonight. Love you bye.”
“That was fast.”
“We’re nearing the runway.” I looked out the window, pass Brendon’s head. “Hold my hand please.” he did and we were in the air. About 5 hours later we were landing in Pittsburgh.
Who would have thought he would take Lys all the way to Pittsburgh!?!?! Pretty great guy!!! Well I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and a great break!!! Talk next week!!!


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