Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 7

Happy Thursday! I just got back from the Really Really Ridiculously Good Tour staring Cobra Starship, Metro Station, WE the Kings and The Cab. It was an AMAZING! show. I took Amanda to see it for herb-day and Gabe wished her a Happy Birthday on stage, so did Alex. It was incredible!!! I can't wait until warped tour to see them again! And I also met a guy from Metro Station, Travis (eeekkk) and Drew(?) from WE the Kings and finally Gabe, again! I handed him the DVD I made him and it was all good. Enough of me rambling onward to the story!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!
“I’m sorry but Brendon asked me this afternoon.”
“You said yes?”
“Yes I did.”
“But I thought we had a good time?”
“We did! I had a wonderful time with you.”
“Then why him?”
“He asked me first.” that was the only thing that came to mind. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. It’s my fault. It should have asked you last night after the date.” Great! I’m glad that he didn’t I don’t think I could have said no, then.
“It’s ok.” I hugged him. I felt bad. Then Brendon came around the corner.
“What’s going on?” Spencer broke away and turned to Brendon.
“Take care of her.” He patted Brendon on the back before rounding the corner and heading into the building. I just broke down and cried. I never was in this predicament. But Brendon just hugged and comforted me. I think I made the right choice. Picking the boyfriend, I mean.
“Come on, let’s go.” he held me as we walked into the building. The boys went inside the radio room while we listened outside. The interview was going well until some fan called in and asked about girlfriends.
“Well I have girlfriend.” Jon braved it first.
“Yes, my girlfriend is wonderful. She’s smart, sweet, caring, and funny.” Aww! Brendon I really like you!
“As do I! My girlfriend is really talented.”
“That sounds like most of you can handle a relationship on the road.”
“Well we haven’t tested that out yet.” spoke Spencer.
“0h?” the talk show host questioned.
“We’ve all recently have girlfriends with our time off so it will be interesting to see how things will work out once we’re back on the road.” Spence finished.
“So you will be touring again.”
“Most definitely.” Ryan answered. Phew! Glad we got past that subject. After that they finished up the interview and came out.
“You did awesome!” I told Brendon. And gave him a kiss. The talk show host came out behind him.
“So is this your lovely lady?”
“Yes,“ Brendon replied. He slipped a hand around my waist. “This is Alyssa.”
“Nice to meet you.” I shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you too, she is sweet.”
“Thank you.” We kissed and a flash of the camera went off.
“Your welcome it’s so nice for you to come and support him.” I blushed. The band posed for a couple more pictures so that he radio station could post them on their website. It’s pretty sweet. Being a rockstar’s girlfriend.
“Bye Sweetie.” I kissed him. “I’ll call you when I get home.”
“Enjoy your movie.” he replied. Amanda said goodbye to Ryan as did Kayla to Jon. We then all piled into my trailblazer. Soon we arrived at the restaurant. Holly, Kristan, Jessie, Colleen, and Lexi, who I call sis, were already there. Ever since we all parted ways we agreed to meet at least once a week to catch up on everything. So far it’s working!
“Hey guys I have big news!” I told them as I sat down at the table.
“Then I have news.” Jessie stated. “but you first.”
“Thank you. I got the job with Sony company and I start on Mon!”
“That’s awesome! Congrats!” Sis told me.
“And…”I continued. “I have a boyfriend.”
“Who?” asked Colleen.
“Brendon Urie.”
“And I’m dating Ryan Ross!”
“I’m dating Jon Walker!”
“Wow. A lot people are getting boyfriends.”
“I think we all have one now.”
“Not I!” exclaimed Sis. Poor her! Maybe we can hook her up with Spencer!
“Sis, you want to date a drummer?”
“Then I got to the perfect guy for you! He’s a gentlemen and a sweet guy!”
“Spencer Smith.”
“Of Panic! At The Disco?!” I nodded. “I’d love to date him!”
“I’ll call him to tomorrow.” She thanked and hugged me.
“Jess, what’s your news?” Kristan asked. She showed us her hand. There on her ring finger was an engagement ring.
“Sean asked me to marry him!”
“Congrats!” We all ran over to hug her!
“Don’t kill me!” I laughed and everyone returned to her seats and started to bombard her with questions. “I don’t know when the wedding is, probably June or July. No I’m not pregnant. No I haven’t picked out the bridesmaids. I don’t know the colors of anything or where anything will be yet. He just asked me yesterday.”
“We’re really excited to have a marriage happening!” squealed Lexi
“Yes most definitely!” agreed Amanda.
“Let’s celebrate and go out to a club tonight after the movie.” Suggested Holly.
“Why not?” I stated! I just have a date with Brendon tomorrow night.
“Well see.” Came from Kristan. She never knows if she is going to be getting a call from the office or not. Then we all order, chit-chatted and went to the movie. Halfway through Kristan got the call to head into work. It was a dead body…it wasn’t going anywhere so she just decided to finish out the movie then go. It was near the theater anyway. Oh great! A murder or something in our neighborhood. I hope it wasn’t Brendon! As soon as we got out of the theater, after saying goodbye to my friends, I called him.
There ya go!!! hope you liked it!!! Have a safe and happy weekend! Talk to you on Tues! Kisses!


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