Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pas De Cheval

Happy Panic Day! Pretty. Odd. is officially on sale! I was so excited last night when I got my pre-order off of itunes. I haven't stopped listening to it...well only when i'm not in class! Lol. I've decided to share some of the booklet with you that include the Lyrics! They are amazing as usual. Still kind of out there but amazing! I hope you enjoy the lyrics and have a chance to listen to the cd. If you would like to borrow it, just ask or I can burn you a copy too! Anything I can do to spread the Panic Love!

Did you like them? Aren't the pictures to die for…except for Ryan and his puke green pants! I hate them. Besides that everyone looks great! Maybe Panic can top the record charts or something with this album. I bought it twice bc I'm a dork like that! Ha ha. Well I gotta head to Chinese class. Hope you are enjoying Panic. Be sure to watch them on AT&T Blueroom's website tonight at 7 pm to see them perform and also they will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live at 12:05 tonight as well. Lots of Panic stuff today! Hope you all have a very Panic day!!!


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