Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 10

Hey hope you all are enjoying Pretty. Odd. My play count is up to 30 since I got late Monday night. And that's just on my itunes not including my ipod. lol So do yinz have a fave song? If so let me know!!! Here's the 10th - wow! i can't believe it's 10! - chapter of my story! Enjoy!
“I love Pittsburgh at night. Can we take a drive through the city before heading home?” I asked him.
“Sure.” He held my hand we walked off to find our luggage and pick up our rental car. In no time we were in Pittsburgh.
“Isn’t it magnificent?”
“Yes, but I’m hungry. Where can we eat?”
“Some place in the Strip or wait South Side would be better.” he raised his eyebrow.
“Want me to drive?”
“Sure. At the next red light we switched places and headed toward Station Square and South Side. We pulled up along a favorite club of mine.
“You’ll like this.” He took my hand as we walked into the bar. I looked around to see some familiar faces and one stood out. It was my ex-boyfriend. Shit! Why did he have to come here? And notice me? Dammit!
“Alyssa?” he asked me.
“Jordan!” I hugged him.
“What brings you here?”
“Spur of the moment.” I laughed. “ Jordan this is my boyfriend Brendon. Brendon this is my friend Jordan.”
“Nice to meet you.” Brendon shook his hand.
“Same.” then another face popped up behind him.
“Neen!” screamed and hugged her.
“Omg Lyssa! How have you been?”
“Great and you?”
“Not bad.”
“You have to meet my new boyfriend!”
“Brendon, this is Dineen. Neen, my boyfriend Brendon.”
“Lys you didn’t tell me you were dating the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco!” The club grew silent. “Can I have your autograph?”
“Sure.” and then a lined formed behind her.
“I’ll go get us something to eat sweetie, what would you like?”
“A salad.” he said and sat down beginning to sign autographs. I ordered two salads, one with crispy chicken the other plain. I hope he likes ranch dressing. I brought us back the salads along with some lemonade.
“Let me help you.” it was Jordan.
“Thanks but I got it.” he smiled at me. I set the stuff down at the table to see that the line grew longer.
“I’m sorry sweetie.”
“It’s not your fault.” he reached across the table and held my hand as we ate. “This is very good.”
“Indeed.” Soon we finished eating, and soon as Brendon finished his autographs we were leaving. I said goodbye to Neen and Jordan.
“That was a fun night.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”
“I did, but let’s go home.” We arrived at my house around 1 in the morning. I saw that mom was still up but my dad fell asleep in the chair.
“Hey mom.” I hugged her.
“I thought you were going to call. So I was waiting to pick you up at the airport.”
“Sorry mom, Brendon and I, rented a car.” I motioned for him to come forward. “This is my boyfriend, Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco.”
“Pleasure to meet you.”
“Same here.”
“Where is he going to sleep?”
“In my bed. I’ll sleep out here.”
“I could-” but I hushed him.
“You smell like smoke.”
“We went to a bar in South Side to grab a bite to eat. Guess who I saw there?”
“Who?” she asked.
“Dineen and Jordan. I don’t think they are dating because a bunch other people were with them.”
“That’d make an interesting pair.” I nodded. “Well I’m off to bed. See you two in the morning.” she woke my dad up and headed to bed. I showed Brendon to my room. It looked exactly the same how I left it.
“I can sleep on the couch you know.”
“I know. But you’re a guest. Besides I wanted to watch a movie.”
“Which one?”
“Elizabethtown - actually I was going to fall asleep to it. “ I kissed him goodnight. But we ended up making out and not going to bed till 2:30. I put the movie on and didn’t even make it past the bicycle of death in the beginning. I was pooped. I woke to the sound of the garage door. I looked at my phone. It was 7:43. Dad was heading off to work. Now that he’s gone I slid into my own bed with Brendon. He didn’t stir and that really didn’t surprise me. I fell back to sleep till about 9 -o-clock then I woke him up.
“We’ve got grandparents and relatives to visit.”
“I miss my grandparents and cousins.” I jumped in the shower and changed clothes before waking my mom. Brendon just changed his clothes and we were off to my grandma Kay’s.
“You hungry?” he nodded.
“She’ll have some pancakes and bacon, possible sausage just to warn you.”
“It’s ok. I’m used to not eating the meat.” I passed the house and pulled into a parking space behind my Aunt Rosie’s car.
“You’ll get to meet my godmother.” I took his hand and locked the door.
“You don’t knock?” he asked as I opened the front door.
“No, I don’t do it at my best friend’s Holly’s house either.” We walked into the bedroom past the living room and down the stairs.
“Lys! What are you doing home?” my grandfather greeted.
“Hey pap, I’m here for the weekend.” I gave him a hug.
“Lyssa, you home?” my gram said coming from the cool cellar.
“For the weekend Grammy.” I gave her a hug and kiss, too. “And I would you to meet my boyfriend.”
“I’ll give you boyfriend!” she smacked my but.
“Gram, pap, this is Brendon Urie, my boyfriend.”
“Nice to meet you my boy. What do you do for a living?” I took a seat by the frig, like I normally do and Brendon sat across from me.
“I’m in a band, sir.”
“A band? What kind of job is that?”
“Pappy. His band is famous. He won a grammy.”
“A grammy, wow.” gram commented. “Would you like some breakfast?”
“Yes, please.”
“What do you want?” I have French toast bacon, sausage you don’t like sausage?”
“French toast and bacon please.”
“And for you?”
“I’ll just have some French toast, please.”
“No sausage?” he shook his head no.
“He’s doesn’t eat meat.”
“Wow.” pap commented. “Lys you look good.”
“Thank you.”
“Lost a lot of weight.” he continued.
“Dad! Leave her alone will you.” Then we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was the triplets. And my uncle.
“Bonehead!” he exclaimed and look toward Brendon. “Bring your boyfriend home?”
Gotta love the nicknames you've gotten as a child. They grow with you, i tell ya! lol But i hope you have a great day and an amazing weekend! Till next time!


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