Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One Week!

Happy Aprils Fools Days!!! It's been one week since Panic's album hit shelves. Let's look at the charts!!!
Pretty. Odd. sold a total of 141,416 copies in its first week, making it the current #2 album in the United States.
That's pretty amazing for a first week!!! I'm so proud of the boys!!!

So how bout we're flopping things this week! I'm working on an amazing post for thursday so don't fret but here's chapter 11!
“Lyssa!” Kaitlyn screamed and gave me a hug. She was 13 now, as were the two boys, Jacob and Jonathan.
“Hey Kaitlyn. How are you?”
“I’m good and you?”
“Hey Alyssa.”
“Hi Alyssa.” the boys greeted me and, surprisingly gave me a hug.
“Hey guys!” Kaitlyn tugged on my shirt. “Yes?”
“Is that Brendon from Panic! At The Disco?” she asked.
“That sure is and that’s my boyfriend.” She was in shock. Aww how cute! “You go talk to him. Don’t be shy.” She shook her head no.
“Uncle Rossie this is my boyfriend Brendon.”
“Nice to meet you.” Brendon shook his hand.
“You look familiar.” Kaitlyn ran over to her dad.
“He’s on my wall.”
“Oh your from Panic! At The Disco?”
“Yes I am, sir.” Ah! I love this man! “I bet you would like an autograph, right Kaitlyn?” she shook her head.
“And we want one too!”
“yea!” added Jonathan.
“That’s fine. Can I borrow a piece of paper?” and Pap threw him the tablet that was sitting on the table. “And a pen?” he throw him one too. “Thank you.” Tore off three pieces. He wrote To Kaitlyn, Thank you, love Brendon. And he wrote different ones to the boys.
“Group picture!” I exclaimed and took out my camera. The four posed. It was such a cute picture!. “I’ll send once I get back home.”
“Where you headed to now?”
“Taking Kaitlyn to dance and the boys to karate. Susan isn’t feeling well. And I just stopped for a cup of coffee.” my uncle responded.
“You can get it yourself.” she said as she served Brendon and me.
“Thanks grandma.”
“Can I have something?” Jacob asked.
“Sure sweetie what would you like?”
“No, you just ate a bowl of cereal.”
“You can give him a piece sausage.” and she handed him that.
“What’s it like being famous?” Jonathan asked Brendon. Cute! They talked about that while he ate.
“Is Uncle Deanie home?”
“Should be? Why you heading up there?”
“Was planning on it.”
“He should be.” We finished up eating and said our goodbyes before heading up to Liberty Boro.
“Your little cousins are so cute.
“Wait till you see Nicky. And I had no idea they knew who you were!”
“It’s ok. I want to send them a real autograph, though, from the whole band.”
“Aww how sweet. Christmas is coming.”
“Not a bad idea.” we soon arrived at my Uncle’s house. I walked up and rang the doorbell. Nicky answered the door, he was eight now.
“Hi Nicky. Do you remember your cousin Alyssa?”
“Nick, who is it?” My Aunt Darla replied.
“Alyssa.” she appeared at the door.
“Oh hi Lys. How are you?” she said.” Come on in.” Brendon and I walked into the house
“I’m well and you?” I hugged her.
“Good. How’s everything?”
“Good, I’m just home for the weekend and thought I’d stopped by. Aunt Darla this is my boyfriend Brendon, Brendon my Aunt Darla.”
“Nice to meet you.” they shook hands.
“How’s school Nicky?”
“That’s awesome, what’s your favorite subject.”
“Still?” I laughed
“Want to play with my wrestlers.”
“Sure, for a bit. Can I be Randy Orton?”
“Yea.” We played a few smack down matches.
“Would you like something to drink?”
“Sure, thank you.”
“Brendon? We have ice tea, lemonade, pepsi…”
“I’ll have an ice tea please”
“I’m fine thank you.”
“Aunt Darla. I just got a new job with Sony and start on Monday.”
“That’s great Lys. Good for you.” We talked a little more and then we left to go visit my other grandma. I rang the doorbell a bazillion times - that’s how I ring the doorbell so she knows its me.
“Hi Lys.”
“Hey gram, how are you?” she let us in. I gave her a hug and a kiss.
“I’m good and you?’
“Well, this is my boyfriend Brendon Urie.”
“Nice to meet you.” he shook her.
“Your mom is coming over soon to do some laundry.”
“You want me to throw a load in now.”
“Sure if you want.” and I did. We ended up talking until mommy arrived.
“You two were up early this morning?” Mom said as she hugged me.
“Yea well we’ve already visited Gram, Pap, Uncle Rossie, the trips, Aunt Darla and Nicky.”
“Yea your cousins are so adorable.”
“You haven’t seen my grandchildren.” Grammy went to get pictures of Cydney and Cody. “Cyd is 8 and Cody is 10.” wow were has the time gone? I remember when they were born. I use to change their diapers! Well the pee ones but I did change some poopy ones, but only if it was necessary.
“She is adorable!” he commented on Neenie’s picture. That girl has so many names: Cydney, Neenie, Peach, Neenie-pie.
“Do you want to meet for dinner around 4?” my mom asked.
“That’s fine.”
“Where do you think?” I asked back. I always go to the same place every time I come home.
“Yep, Gram you coming too?”
“I guess.” she replied.
“Great! We’ll see you at 4.” I kissed everyone goodbye and left with Brendon in tow. “Mall or Waterfront?” I asked him as we sat in the driveway.
“Waterfront sounds more exciting.” Fine with me. We headed toward Duquesne and I passed my old work.
“That’s Kennywood - my old work.” I pointed to the amusement park on the right side.
“You worked there?” he questioned me.
“Yep. In the gyro stand.”
“Is that why you hate them?” how’d he know that? But I just nodded. We pulled into the entrance about 10mins later.
yay for chapter 11! hope you enjoyed that and have an awesome day!!!


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