Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Northern Downpour

Hey peeps!!! You know how they say things come in threes? Well yea why couldn't it work today! I got a hold of Erik from FBR about the promotion stuff and free ticket and he's sending it as we speak. Next My friend Erica asked me to go to the Steelers Draft Day! Where I can possibly meet Jeff Reed. Then they announced the meet and greet for May and my friends and I were not on it...hopefully they'll add more because it's different amounts for each concert. So yea. That was only two things...where is the third good thing?! lol

Remember how Panic was band of the week last week...MTV put together a little movie called 'American Valley.' It's quite amusing. Enjoy!

I was also busing making Brendon a birthday video and i have that for you to watch as well!

Happy 21st Birthday to Brendon!!! Woot! Go him!!!

That's all the news I have for right now...stay tuned for the next chapter of my story. Chat then!


ps only 1 month and 2 days till I see Panic again!!!

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