Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're So Starving!

Hey I told you I was going to have an amazing post! Are you ready for this?! I asked all my panic friends on the forums I belong to for their opinions on the new album!!! Here are the responses!!!

Zak, PA
I think the most important aspect of Pretty. Odd. is the fact that Panic(!) showed that they can break out of their techno/pop-punk/pop shell and sample many other genres-- and do so successfullly. Ross seemed to be trying to make the band more versatile in their style, and in doing so, is reminiscent of many other sounds, including the Beetles. He did so in a way that was refreshing, and gave me new reason to listen to Panic again (which is saying a lot, because I haven't listened to them much for a while now). The most surprising change to their style is the addition of Ross as a lead singer on some of the songs. While he's no Brendan Urie, his voice fits the style of his songs well.To me, this versatility is extremely important. I loved A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, but since it was lacking on versatility (at least in my opinion), it tended to get old after a while. Pretty. Odd. however seems to be different with every song, so I believe I will come back to listen to it more and more as time goes on
Anastasiya, CA
I think they have a changed a lot, but its for the best, because they sound more grown up now. There songs seem more like a band then before, before there songs had a technoish feel to it. I mean now they have acoustic songs "folkin' around" and all kinds of good stuff. What makes me sad that there songs dont have long names that have nothing to do with the songs, lol. All in all im just happy to hear new music from them :]
Oh and i like that not only Brendon sings, ryan does to!
Xqiox, Australia
In my opinion i could listen to it 24/7. It's such a big change from everything that is now on the radio. They've moved music into a new light and done the unexpected.
I think the vocals are amazing and Brendon's voice has grown. When he sings with Ryan you can clearly hear Ryan struggling under Brendon but hey the kid gave it a shot.
The lyrics are a puzzle but that just makes the album more appealing.
It's neutral and jazzed up all at the same time.
I'm proud :)
Dan, Pa
From what i listened to it sounded bad. They must think there the second coming of the Beatles or something, they should stick to what was a half decent record with a good songs the first time around instead of being something they are not.
Sara, Pa

Heather, WI
This new cd shows that they have changed alot and I do remember Jon saying from AFYCSO in that dvd concert thing "we have a lot of young fans and we can't really do anything about it but when we write a new cd it will be entirely different because who wants to write the same cd over." I think that this CD might turn some of the "younger" fans down because they might have expected another CD to be like their other one. we can see that panic has grown up by the change of their style..its fantastic to hear some acoustic songs and ryan singing in one song! so over all I think that the people who didnt like AFYCSO will love Pretty Odd and the ones who loved AFYCSO might turn away from the band.
Alanna, CO
I like the album, but it's not comparable to AFYCSO because it's so different (in a good way).
The lyrics confuse me a lot though, they seem jumbled in a weird way.
Lupi, Mexico
Maybe I will be the 1000th person that compares it to The Beatles, but in my case, that's absolutely amazing. I'm 27 years old, and I've loved The Beatles since I remember. God knows I've seen tons of bands trying to nail the Beatles' sound and failing at it miserably. But Panic has nailed it, in my opinion. They sound great. It's an album that I can listen non-stop and not get tired of it. Plus, the fact of all of them singing, it's great. I love Fever too, but to me, Pretty.Odd. is WAY better.
Robert, FL
"Pretty. Odd." has no resemblance or trace in musical style from "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" but it sure has brilliant tracks. Change is always something needed to strive and producing the same material for years will just bring a band's value down. Panic at the Disco's went up. "Pretty. Odd." show their maturity at all stops. Speaking of stops, at first listen, it may seem like the album has a lot of dead ends in some songs but they turn out to be joys. Ryan Ross bringing his vocal abilities to the album is a plus in this album. It really brings out the classic rock feel of the album. There's gains and there's losses in fans, but it all evens out.
Alona, NJ
I'll admit, I've been a huge fan since about a year ago, when I was first introduced to the catchy sounds and infectiously intelligent lyrics of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Nonetheless, I was always most interested in this band due to their willingness to try most anything, and go against the grain and even their own fans' expectations; see their video for Build God, Then We'll Talk (not able to be shown on TV). They were always artists, though some fans clearly liked them more for their uber-fast-paced beats and techno sound than their simple originality- though it was part of that.

That said, they have lost none of their originality; in fact, I would have been entirely disappointed if they had done the same thing and had the same sound on their second album. Undoubtedly, this move will lose them some old fans, and gain them some new ones; assuming people who didn't like them before give them a chance. Still, I'm an example of a fan who love them for this move, and even some fans who liked their old music more than the Beatles will probably give this a try, and maybe even discover the classics of the sixties through it. I personally always adored the Beatles, and had compared them even months before the theme of this album was revealed.

Just like their old record, I'm having serious trouble deciding which tracks are favorites: The differences and genre-bending is amazing, so every track is really worth a listen: there's barely a genre they miss. Listen to "Folkin' Around" for some ironic country (title pretty much says it all, if you get the double entendre); Pas de Cheval has to be one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard on first listen; Northern Downpour is mellow pop, lyrically and musically gorgeous; That Green Gentleman, She's a Handsome Woman and Mad as Rabbits are fun and really representative of the band as a whole; Behind the Sea is probably one of my favorites, a somewhat indie, somewhat Beatles romp of excitement mixed with the fresh vocals of Ryan Ross; She Had the World is something like chamber music, if you believe it- beautiful, but perhaps a hard pill for some to swallow; When the Day Met the Night, The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know , From A Mountain In the Middle of the Cabins and Do You Know What I'm Seeing? all have thoughtful and extremely varying takes on halucinogenic songs of the 60s; the shorter songs, written by Brendon Urie, add pockets of interest to the album, making it complete and incredible. Nine in the Afternoon, as most know, is catchy and exciting as an introduction- but not necessarily indicitive of what is to come.

Overall- I doubt I could be happier. Leaves you wondering what will come next.
Blair, Australia
Ha ha ha sure! It was actually their new album that hooked me in, at first Panic at the Disco really wasn't my thing but after hearing 9 in the afternoon I really began to warm to them, now I'm just a straight out Panic addict.

As far as I see it this new album has been an amazing learning curve for the boys and has really shown just how much they have all grown up. The witty one liners have be thrown aside and the sharp manic sounds of the first album are somewhat a thing of their past. Whilst their last album was great this new album has a hell of a lot of potential to work with a far broader audience. Whilst commonly this new album has been linked to the beatles their poppy easy going new sound really is something all of their own. No one is making anything that sounds like this at the moment and that was an increadibly bold but smart thing to do. The tracks still have the showy dream filled feeling of the first album but now branch out into other areas such and questioning ones inner understanding but also simply the enjoyment of our current moments. There are still those moments that centre around romance but this time they are far less bitter and once again more understanding.

Instrumentally they have made a lot of ground work and not only do their new sounds reflect the pop scenes of the 60's and 70's but also some of the mellower bands of the the late 90's. Listening to them the other day I realized stylistically the bridges in several songs reflected the style of music perfectly that the Whitlams played.

All in all I think this is beyond what any of us could have hoped for and I am more than looking forwards to seeing what is in store for this amazing band in the future.
Alix, CA
I'm not really a music connoisseur, but I do have a comment I'd like to leave in regards to the band's shift in sound:

I think it takes a real artist to not only delve into his own talents, creativity, and innovations, but also to take inspiration from other sources, especially past artists. Many artists can be immature and pretentious, thinking it unnecessary to learn from art history. And I think this applies to present day musicians just as much as it does to aspiring painters, sculptors, illustrators and the like.

But the Panic boys are way ahead of their peers. They had the raw talent to get them started, but refused to let themselves get pigeon-holed into one category. And beyond the talent, they have the maturity and humility to take from past musicians. They didn't regurgitate the Beatles but internalized that time period's sound, interpreted it, and then spat it back out with their own stamp on it.

Those boys are a real commodity. They're real artists. 1. They make music for their own pleasure and because music is hardwired into their very being. 2. They have the technical mastery (of a plethora of instruments), raw creativity, and innovation to make compelling and addictive songs. 3. They are proud to learn from past solutions made by past musicians.

And even if I personally like A Fever You Can't Sweat Out better, Pretty. Odd. is the quintessential example of what the art world needs more of.
Kristen, TN
I've beeen a fan of Panic at the Disco simce about mid 2005. When they released 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out', they were in their teens, AFYCSO was what they were going through at the time. Ryan was inspired from his Dad's condition, lyrically, they were having inernal problems within the band, with certan members. And they were trying to grow up. Now, 3 years later, Ryan, Spencer, Jon, & Brendon have grown up, they've gotten more perspective, and they've become wiser. 'Pretty.Odd.' is an example of their maturity, and i'm loving it. lol It's an amazing album with light popish melodies, and lyrics that are more upbeat, & sunny. And how Ryan has said, why should a band have to stick to one genre?
Meredith, PA
I absolutely love the new album! As cheesy as it might sound, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was nice to listen to when you wanted to feel powerful because there was just so much passion behind those angsty songs. However, I really feel that Pretty. Odd. contains just as much passion, only it's the kind of passion where you're just happy, and it makes you want to do nothing but listen some more! Don't even get me going on how much passion I hear in songs like Northern Downpour and She's a Handsome Woman. :)
Stefanie, NJ
I have to admit I didn't expect much of anything good from Panic's sophomore attempt - I was actually a massive fan of their first CD and couldn't see how they would match the quality of that, much less top it. Four tours on one album wasn't helping matters either. Thankfully they have proved me wrong with Pretty Odd. Although the Beatles and Dylan influences are strong (almost too strong), Panic manages to reinvent themselves in such a way that their sound remains fresh while still paying homage to their own musical heroes. "Nine In The Afternoon" and "That Green Gentleman" are instant hits, as is the unexpectedly adorable "Folkin' Around". I can't stop playing this album and I highly recommend it to both fans and non-fans of Panic.
Airyckah, PA
Panic lost their "!" and that's evident in the CD. But I'm tired of reading all the BAD reviews for them on napster and iTunes and everywhere. I must say I was disappointed in the slower paced melodies, but they're good. Their voices got stronger and they can actually sing. And I bet when they preform these songs, it'll sound better being that their performances with the last cd's songs were horrible. However, I think they did too drastic of a change leaving a lot to be desired from their original fan base. But if those people were real fans and not just followers, they should like the new CD for what it is. And it's still Panic. They've always been about being different, and that in mind, it sounds just like them. Different with odd words. The CD is pretty odd, esp for them, and they knew it. Those reviewers on the purchasing sites should keep that in mind. In other words.. I love it, even though it's slower. But if you make a mix CD of the 2 CDs it would be perfect.
Ines, Portugal
Like they've said before, no band wants to write the same record again. A Fever was good, was what they were at that time and what they wanted to do by then. It's only natural to grow up and become more mature. Pretty. Odd. is what they want to do right now, and that's pretty much having fun. It's good to see that they still like what they do and that they're making exactly what they want, the way they want it. It takes a lot of guts to change so much from a record that had so much success and not be worried about if it's going to sell as much. No every band has the courage to not play safe. Still, they managed to do it. It's about what they like and doing exactly what you want. And as you can see, a lot of people like it too. "In the end, is all about the music."
Hiba, Pakistan
absolutely love Pretty. Odd. It has very catchy and cheery songs, and they're the kind of songs that you love instantly. I wasn't so sure about Folkin' Around and I Have Friends In Holy Spaces when I first heard them, because I feel they are the two distinctive songs that they have really experimented with, but after a few listens they grew on me too. The great thing is how you can actually see the band progressing. They have improved so much as a live band, and you can actually tell that from these songs. They have a more natural feel to them than AFYCSO, and while I feel that album was just as good, you would listen to these two records for different reasons. AFYCSO was more of a way of therapy I guess, because you could relate with all the angst and bitterness (lol), and I just loved the edginess. With this album, they are more feel-good songs, and that's something that's lacking in the music world right now, and I'm glad someone finally brought it up. And I think the real reason why this album is such a success is because they've achieved their aim, as Ryan said, these songs do make you feel better after you've been through a horrible day, just in a different way than AFYCSO, because rather than the music 'sympathising' with you, it actually makes you feel better.
Sarah, UK
I love Pretty. Odd. and feel that it shows just how much they have grown as a band.
I like the idea of growing with a band; as I get older and my music tastes change, it's nice to be able to listen to the same band and still enjoy the music they write eventhough I don't necessarily like the music they played 2 years before.
While I still enjoy listening to AFYCSO, Pretty. Odd. is how I now see them and it's great how they remain to stand out from other bands musically, even with a completely different sound.
Lacie, NY
I love the album don't get me wrong. but some of the songs remind me of an old silent film, where they would play music with it so there would be sound. About 4 songs on this album weren't very interesting to me. at first. But I listened to them anyways, and now I'm starting to like them. It was a turn for the better I would have to say, they sound alot more grown up. Oh and shes a handsome woman is def my favorite.
and I'm lacie from NY just so ya know.
Sergey, Russia
I think Pretty. Odd. is good album.
I listening them yeaterday, it is new time period of group and this very nice.
lol at those being the two songs brendon wrote by himself. they just don't fit with the album at all, poor kid
as an artist, i think it's nearly impossible not to be influenced by the past.because you start writing music because you like other music that came before you, you design because you liked other stuff that was done before you, painting, filmmaking etc. even if you aren't aware of it (which for sure most artist are), someone else, a critic somewhere, will point out your obvious influence.
also i think that they do for the most part regurgitate a very specific beatles era sound and aesthetic. like i would argue a band like Field Music internalizes the beatles and makes their own music from that, but panic, it feels far more like exact imitation. which didn't turn out to badly for them.
i think it's funny that you said they're a commodity then they're real artists. idk, that's most generally thought of as a contradiction. no one wants to be known first and foremost as a commodity if they're true musicians.
i'm not attacking you or anything, just starting a discussion instead of doing homework.
it's pretty sad but i'm basically over pretty.odd already except like three songs. it's been less than a month too :(
I love the new album a lot. Its a change from the usual music i listen to i have to say but still it seems to catch my attention. I loved AFYCSO too and i have to admit i still like it. These guys still amaze me with their very clever lyrics that you have to look up to know what they are singing. Ryan singing was also a nice treat on this record. And i think that their goal of not being put into genre is working i cant seem to pinpoint their type of music but i guess that's ok. My conclusion: as the days go on i grow to love their music more and more.
I honestly love it. The songs are so catchy and unique from anything anyone else is doing in the music industry today. It also helps that Brendon's voice is magical ;D
you could like say ..i think panic at the disco are great for the fact that they make music for themselves what they like nd not anything else and if you happen to like it cool if not well whatev
At first, I wasn't very impressed, infact I was disappointed. But you have to listen to it a few times before you really start to like it. And there are a few songs i automatically liked the first time I heard it. That Green Gentleman, Northern Downpuor, the piano knows something I don't know and A few I can't think of right now lol.
I really hated it. I threw the CD case across the room, but then when I heard When The Day Met The Night, i decided to listen to it with an open mind. They are really good, but Panic has changed into an entirely different band. Still love em though!
Katie, NJ
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out I listened to every day. It was a cd I could never get bored of. I didn't think that Panic could pull it off again, and for a while was actually nervous about how this album was going to be. Thankfully, they managed to write an album that not only is equal to the standard of music from the last album, but it may even beat it. Panic has mangaged to do something that I thought impossible. I love every track off Pretty.Odd., but my favorites have to be "That Green Gentlemen", "Behind the Sea", "Folkin Around", and "Mad As Rabbits." They're all insanely catchy and so much fun to listen to. It's music that, as time goes on, I seem to love more and more. It's been less than two weeks since the release and I'm already excited to see what comes next.
Melikka, FL
I think it's a good overall album. Not as "odd" as the first one, but 'That Green Gentleman', 'Mad as Rabbits' and 'She's a Handsome Woman' really stand out to me. Also, Ryan Ross. The last album he thought he was the new cancer and now he wants to reinvent love. You got to hand it to that kid. He keeps it... uh... interesting ;P
I find the transformation from emo/rock/vaudevillian style las vegas punk (whatever you want to call AFYCSO) to Pretty. Odd (psuedo-beatles inspired happy rock) fascinating. I'm also highly amused by the reaction of all the other fans, how some love the change, and how others are horrified.

Personally, I like Pretty. Odd. a lot, it just takes a while to accept the change, because AFYCSO was brilliant, and still is.

I hope you enjoyed reading through most of the people who responded! Some of them are really great! Thanks to everyone who participated! Have a great weekend! Talk to you on Tues!


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