Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 14

Heylo! We're getting closer and closer to May 2nd. And even i'll prob be done with this blog by then i'll make sure to post it for yinz!!! And also I'll post my concert review when the time comes :) For now enjoy this next bit of my story!
“No, geez I’m sorry.” I apologized to him.
“No worries.” we arrived at church and sat with my grandmother. Afterward we went back to her house for breakfast. She made bacon and French toast sticks. Poor Brendon.
“What time does your plane leave?” my gram asked. I turned to Brendon. He’s the one with all the info,
“It leaves at 4:15.”
“You packed?”
“Well then you better get cracking.”
“True.” my mother agreed. So we said goodbye to my gram and went to see my other grandparents before heading home to pack. There we said goodbye to my dad and we headed for the airport around 2:00.
“Thank you so much for doing this for me. I really missed my family and appreciated it.”
“So not a problem.” As we waited we made out a little.
“Get a room!” we heard from passer-bys. But it wasn’t just any one; it was Jordan again. How dare he follow me out here! I followed him and slapped him on his arm.
“Ow, what was that for?”
“Following me out here! And screaming that!”
“I’m sorry it was funny and I work out here.” Oh wow. Didn’t know that.
“So why are you with him? You know I’m available.”
“Yes, but I’m living in LA. I’ll see you in another four years.” with that I walked away- back to my Brendon. Soon our plane was home and it was 4-o-clock in LA. We found Brendon’s car in the lot and headed to my place. He carried my luggage in for me.
“Thank you.” I kissed him.
“Lyssa!” Amanda called from the living room. She ran over and gave me a hug. “I’ve missed you so much.”
“Lyssa.” I heard someone whisper at the top of the stairs. It was Kay. She gave me a hug too.
“Hey you!” that was from Kristan in the kitchen. She was on the phone and continued talking.
“I’ve missed you all too! But being home was nice. You’ll never guess who I ran into.” they looked blankly at me. “Jordan.” they gasped. “He asked me why I was dating Brendon when he’s available.”
“He did what?” oops. I forgot Brendon was still standing there. “What did you say?”
“That he was there and I was in LA. Then I’d see him in another four years.”
“Ouch.” commented Kay.
“Brendon, I love you. No old boyfriends or new guys could take your place.” he kissed me.
“Good luck on your first day of work tomorrow. I’ll call you later.” we kissed a little longer before he made his way home.
“What’s been happening here?” I asked and they sat me on the couch. Kristan was still on the phone in the kitchen. Amanda went first.
“Ryan and I have gone out on Friday and Saturday!” she exclaimed. “He is so sweet and considerate. Friday night he took me to see The Holiday. Tear-jerker. Then Saturday, he cooked me dinner and sang love songs to me. “
“Aww how sweet.” I commented then turned my attention to Kayla.
“Jon took me out on Friday to see go ice skating.”
“Brendon and I did at the PPG place.” I intervened. “Sorry.”
“It’s ok. Then Saturday he took me to a wrestling match. I love him.”
“I’m so glad that yinz had a great time! Do you know how Sis’ date went with Spencer?”
“You should ask her yourself.” I shrugged and picked up my cell phone to dial her number.
“Hey Sis!”
“OMG! Sis! Spencer asked me to be his girlfriend!” she squealed into the phone.
“That’s great! I’m so happy for you!”
“We should go on a double date.” She suggested.
“Ok. Let me know!”
“Ok, he was such a gentlemen like you told me so romantic too. He took me to this little pizza shop where you can sit and watch them make the pizza. Then he took me for a carriage ride around the city. It was a gorgeous site!”
“Wow that is sweet.”
“And today he came over with a rose we watched ‘The Notebook’. I cried on his shoulder.”
“Aww Sis. I think you’ve found the man for you.”
“Thanks to you!”
“Hey, good luck on your first day tomorrow!”
“Thank you very much!”
“I’ll call you sometime tomorrow about the time and date.”
“Ok. Chat then!” we hung up the phone and I turned to my girls. They decided to watch a movie. “Looks like everyone had a romantic weekend.”
“Yea.” agreed Kristan. Her eyes were glued to the TV.
“I’m going to make something to eat. Anyone what anything?” they nodded no. I made my self some dinner and joined them in there movie. It was ‘Cars’ Such a cute movie! I love the part where they go tractor tipping! It was about 7-o-clock when my phone rang. It was Brendon! Yay!
“ Hey sexy.” I answered.
“Hi.” that wasn’t Brendon. “Lys its Spencer. There’s been a little accident.” What?!
Sorry for all the cliffhangers but you know you love me! Have a great weekend! Talk to you soon. Lator gator!


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