Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunflowers - Chapter 13

Exactly ONE month till I'll be able to see Panic At The Disco!!! It's only been about a year and half since I last saw them. This show is going to be awesome. I'll be sure to share some pictures maybe a few fan videos on tues but for right now let's get on with the story!!!
“Brendon! He’s just joking. Calm down.” I shot him a look to kill. “I got a job with Sony!” everyone still looked stunned.
“That’s great.” my mom hugged me as did gram and dad.
“When do you start?” asked mom.
“On Monday.”
“That’s great!”
“Thank you.” We chit-chatted the rest of dinner.
“Well we’re headed down to Pittsburgh, I’ll be home later tonight.” we said goodbye to everyone and got into the rental car.
“Your parents and grandma are so nice. I really enjoyed their company.” Brendon confided in me.
“I’m glad.” I smiled. “please tell me you ice skate.”
“I ice skate.
“Good cause we are going ice skating.” I parked near the PPG place.
“Outside?” he asked me. Oh right he was from out west. Ice and hot weather don’t’ mix to great!
“Of course outside! It’s so much fun!.” I put my hat, scarf, and gloves on before stepping out of the vehicle. He followed. Look how cute he looks all bundled up! Just adorable. I laughed.
“What’s so funny?” he asked.
“Noting” I quickly replied. We walked up the entrance of the building paid for the time, and for our rental skates. Before you know it we were off laughing and falling down. Well he was at least. We talked the whole time. Despite the falling down and the comments and laughing and the other people - he held my hand! It was so romantic!
“I’m hungry.”
“You’re always hungry.” I told him and giggled. “let’s go get warmed up at an Eat N Park.”
“A where?”
“It’s a restaurant chain” We traded in for our normal shoes and headed back to the car. “Hmm. We can head back and eat that the waterfront. Or we can go to 51. I think 51 is closer!”
“You’re the driver.” he told me. I drove toward the restaurant.
“If any one recognizes you, we’ll leave. But not without chicken noodle soup!” I informed him. “I love their chicken noodle soup.” we were quickly seated and I was in luck. They had chicken noodle soup. “I normally just get the salad bar. But everything is great on the menu.”
“Hmm, salad bar sounds fine to me. But then this veggie burger is calling my name too.” he looked over the menu.
“Do you feel like walking?” I asked. He glanced up and shook his head no. “Then get your burger.” he’s takin one to many falls today so I figured he said nope.
“Hi may I - wow you look like Brendon from Panic! At the Disco.” Great! Not the best waitress to serve us! I glanced at Brendon to see what he wanted to do.
“Shhh, please don’t mention that I am here. I’m just trying to enjoy a dinner with my girlfriend.” he’s so sweet! And considerate.
“No problem.” she smiled. “ Just can I have your autograph when you’re finished.”
“Great what can I get you to drink to start off?”
“A hot chocolate please.” I told her.
“Make that two.”
“Ok, I’ll be right back.”
“Phew that was close.” he grabbed my hand from across the table.
“I know. I guess your more famous than I thought.”
“Yea, me too!” we laughed she came back. And we ordered. I went to the salad bar only to discover a young lady replacing my place. “Speaking of my girlfriend, she’s right there.” the girl just got up and kissed him on the cheek and left.
“Hi sweetie. Who was that?” I asked when I sat down.
“Another fan, I’m sorry she kissed me. I’m not used to this.” he confided. “Girls never liked me in high school. This is all new to me.”
“That’s just the second one today. I really want this to work, Brendon.”
“I know. I want to as well. But just know that whatever any fan does to me, I’m coming home to you every night. And I love you. Not them. Well I love my fans but in a different way.”
“I understand.” I told him. We smiled and his burger came. After we finished eating, he gave our waitress his autograph and even took a picture. My boyfriend has to be the sweetest person alive. We headed back to my house, crawled in bed and talked about our futures. “With this new job I might have to travel.”
“I have an idea what kind of company my uncle runs and you don’t have to travel if you choose not to.”
“That’s the thing.” said I. “I want to travel. I love to travel. That’s why I choose my major.”
“But you’re going to be traveling to China.”
“That’s fine. I speak Chinese.”
“I’ll miss you.” he seriously stated.
“I’ll miss you too, but what’s it going to be like when you go on tour.”
“Simple. You’ll come with us.”
“My job?”
“My uncle won’t mind if you do your work on the road.”
“Brendon. We’ll see when the time comes.”
“Sounds like a plan.” he tightened his grip around me and ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ blared over the radio.
“How lovely.” we both laughed and he sang the whole song to me. I soon fell asleep and awoke to my moms voice booming through my now opened door.
“Lys! Get Up! You have church.” was what she was saying. Brendon and I got up, dressed and left around 9:30.
“You know I’m a Mormon, right.”
I know people will correct me. Brendon is no longer a Mormon but his parents did practice the religion even if he doesn't today. that's all i'm going to say. hope everyone as a blessed week! Wish me luck on my drivers test, hopefully third time is a charm. Enjoy the weather talk to you soon!


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